Mr. Stuart Parker



I'm addressing this to you here because I've had absolutely ZERO response from either your customer service department or roadside assistance personnel despite the fact that I tried to file a complaint over a week ago now and was told that someone definitely would be following up with me. I spoke with Jaclyn Sendejo in your claims department the evening of December 18th about my horrible experience earlier that day with Roadside Assistance (or rather the lack of it). It is now the evening of December 26th and no one has contacted me back at all. 

Due to a system malfunction on my automobile I was locked out of my car while at work caring for a 94 year old client last week with both our purses and my car keys in the car. I was supposed to take her in to the doctor's office for an important blood test when this happened. The auto locks should not have done that with the fob in the car, but somehow they did. As I have towing and my complete auto policy with USAA I called and was routed to Roadside Assistance. After waiting on hold and multiple system hoops to jump through for a good 15 minutes, I was finally told they'd have someone there to help me get into my car within 45 minutes. I asked two different people to please expedite/request as fast a response as possible due to the age and circumstances of my client. An hour and 20 minutes later (as no one had showed up yet) I called the tow company that had been assigned, "Reliable Roadside" and was told someone would be there in another 15 minutes. After another 20 minutes plus (so close to two hours waiting now) I got a call from the driver who told me he'd been changing a tire on his own personal vehicle and would be there in 20 minutes. He was actually in Rainier, WA while my client and I were in Lacey, WA...a good 25 minute drive. 

Finally this man showed up in what was apparently his family vehicle, not a service/tow truck at all. He spent about 3 minutes attempting unsuccessfully to get into my car with what looked like a thick coat hanger kind of wire. When I asked about the appropriate tools he told me his truck was "in the shop" and he did not have his tools with him. I asked why his company had not sent someone else out if this was the case and he said he was the "only" tow person in 800 square miles of Lacey, WA. I left him at my car for a couple minutes to go check on my client and as I walked back to my car he was pulling away in his vehicle without a SINGLE WORD to me...just leaving us stranded still locked out of my car and without contacting anyone else to come help us. 

Needless to say, I was extremely shocked and dismayed by his behavior and total lack of professionalism or even simple empathy.

I won't even go into the rest of the story, but it was finally the fire department that came and helped us. USAA never followed up though the auto system called asking if someone had come to which I responded "no" because no one had come that actually helped and we were still locked out of the car. 

So, first off, WHY does USAA do business with such an incredibly inept and unprofessional tow company? I know for a fact that there are multiple other towing services in the Lacey and Olympia, WA area, so what this man told me was in fact an out and out lie. And obviously if he was not equipped to do his job that day, he should have told the dispatcher and had someone else sent out! And why was a company/driver assigned that was so far away when there are certainly tow companies close by in Lacey or Olympia?

I am extremely disappointed in not only the so-called "Reliable Roadside" company's completely UNRELIABLE performance, but quite frankly surprised that USAA and their RA subsidiary Agero would do business with a tow company like that. 

I am also disturbed at the complete lack of response from USAA about what happened. Although Ms. Sendejo was in the claims department, she was supposed to be covering for complaints as well and promised me that this situation would be escalated and that I'd be contacted for followup. Why has that not happened? How would you like to be on the receiving end of this kind of treatment if you were locked out of your vehicle? 

I attempted to file the complaint because I did not want anyone else to have to deal with "Reliable Roadside" ever again and thought that a company like USAA who I've previously had great respect for, would want to know and would do something about a customer being treated so poorly. In the past I've had very good experiences with USAA so this is surprising and of great concern. What if I ever need RA again in the future? Is this the kind of non "help" that will be coming? I still would appreciate someone doing something about what happened, as I did not get the service that I pay for every month and that company should be "fired" from you list of tow companies! 


A very unhappy USAA customer





I'm sorry to hear of the difficulties you encountered with the Roadside Assistance, @Ruach - I've sent a request to a Subject Matter Expert to look into this situation for you and follow up. Please allow sufficient time for the research to be completed and reviewed. - Cathleen