My 8 month pregnant wife was rear ended by a flower delivery truck while she was completely stopped. The accident total costs were under 1000 and the police report clearly showed the other driver at fault. Despite no other accidents or traffic violations in the past 2 years we just received this same notice. I can not believe that USAA would possibly drop me and my family from their policy due to the negligence of another driver and their timing could not be worse. I have reached out to USAA to reconsider their position and I am hoping they can investigate further on how to better support our community. I will provide everyone updates as I hear back.


Thanks for taking the time to post in the Community, SteveGIII. I'm happy to have a colleague that department  review this situation for you, as soon as they are available this morning. - Cathleen

Hi SteveGIII, I certainly understand your concern and do hope your pregnant wife is doing ok. To best assist you, I did attempt to call you at the phone number listed on your member profile, but was unable to reach you at this time. Please know that we would like to discuss this matter with you in greater depth. When ready, please do call us at 210-531-USAA (8722), 800-531-8722 or through our mobile shortcut #8722. Representatives are available to assist you Monday to Friday, 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. CT and Saturday, 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. CT. ~ Stacy

I just received the notice for the guranteed renewal endorsement.  What a shame that long time members are being sent this. 

Welcome to the club. 30+yrs with USAA and just got mine today via online email. Just give you that warm feeling you get when you listen to their commercials--right? Maybe it's time for them to rewrite the commercial to remove any reference about them being there for you.

Thanks for providing your comments in regards to the removal of the guaranteed renewal endorsement T0173 and USAF_Ret.  I was able to provide your concerns to the appropriate area as we always strive to improve in regards to any interaction from our members.  Please know that as the endorsement is removed for policyholders, rest assured that underwriting action is only taken for less than one percent of our auto book of business.  USAA does fully intend to continue in being the provider of choice for our membership. 


If a member were to no longer meet USAA's auto underwriting guidelines, they would then have the option to quote a policy through our USAA Insurance Agency should it meet their needs and be of value to them.  The removal of this endorsement will come with greater underwriting flexibility to help manage financial strength and help minimize the need for additional rate increases for the entire membership.  I do thank you both for your time in posting, and for your membership with USAA.  Respectfully  -  Justin

I just noticed the non guarantee provision being terminated as well. After 45 years with USAA you are telling us we are now no longer worth a guarantee so you can "protect" the security of the company. WE ARE THE COMPANY!!!!! Perhaps WE need to addresss who really owns the company instead of a bunch of professional Insurance and Financial folks living on the gravey train. How about disclosing what the senior executives make (not the Military Board) but the civilian executives and how the salary has grown. I think all senior Military Officers both retired and active should take more interest in what USAA has turned in to.

Your concerns and feedback are important to us, Recruiterman. We value your 45 years of membership and we always have the best interest of the membership in mind. I will ensure to share your comments with the appropriate area. Thank you! -Cynthia

I received the same notification online. What does this mean? Do I have to obtain auto insurance from another provincial dee?
I meant another provider?