I can't get a quote for insurance. When I click on the tab for this, the page pops up, but then disappears. Any ideas? Thanks


Hi there, @Insurance1966. It sounds like you may need to establish your eligibility so the site will allow you to get a quote. Please, feel free to connect with our New Members Solutions team at 800-531-8722 so we may further support you with completing your profile. Thank you for reaching out. :) ~ Steven

If the policyholders' name is not on the vehicle registration is the policy valid under policyholders' name as long as at least one insured driver name on the policy matches the name on the vehichle registration in the state of Nevada?

@El.Mo04, thank you for reaching out to us about insurable vehicles. An insurable vehicle must be in  the care, custody and control of the insured and also registered to the insured. I will ask that you to connect with us via chat 24/7 at or call us at 800-531-8722 to discuss your personal situation. I hope this helps.