We were involved in a head on collision where the driver lied to police about having insurance. It appears he has none. The accident was 1,000% his fault as he came into our lane going the wrong way. The cops said it was his fault. All witnesses at the scene say it was his fault. Even the guy who hit us admitted fault. And still USAA won't waive the deductible?! We were always under the impression that deductibles were waived when they clearly established we are not at fault. Please help us figure out how we can get this deductible waived.


@Reaclan Thank you for reaching out to us today. I have escalated your concerns to a subject matter expert to review. They will be reaching out to you in the next 1 to 2 business days.

USAA "helped" us by having a manager call us and tell us they weren't going to do anything to help. LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES - get out NOW to a company who will have your back during an auto accident!! Don't let yourself get screwed!

@Reaclan, I am very sorry to hear that you feel this way about the handling of your claim. I understand we have previously escalated your concerns to a claims manager, but I am going to have a subject matter expert look at your situation further and reach out to you. Thank you..

I am considering leaving after my auto claim is settled. I am so glad I didn't buy further products from USAA, such as homeowner's insurance or a mortgage.

Oh goodness, @Gingey! I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us! It's never our intent to make you want to leave USAA! It's our goal to provide quality products and superior service to all our members and any specific feedback you can offer about your recent experience with USAA is greatly appreciated. When ready, please chat with us online or call us at 210-531-USAA (8722), our mobile shortcut #8722 or 800-531-8722. Thank you! ~ Stacy K.