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Everyone who has a problem with USAA insurance needs to file a Complaint with your State Insurance Commission. We cannot expect change unless we hot USAA where it hurts in the media and 28th our states who can force USAA to change their incompetent practices. There are laws against the way they treat members. Lets start an insurance revolution to require and demand change at USAA.


What kind of problem have you had with them. They have handled my claims expertly


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Texas Department of Insurance 

Note, you are a paralegal. huh, I am sure that has nothing to do with your ability to get claim resolved.

I will file a compliant with my state insurance commission.


On May 13, I flew to Utah to pick up a travel trailer I purchased on Ebay. I added the trailer to my insuarnce on May 14. I informed the USAA representative I spoke to that I was driving the trailer back to Alaska. USAA knows I live in Alaska because that is where they insure my vehicle and I renters policy. Also  they should know that the only roads to Alaska are thru Canada. Canada is a foreign country.


Unfortunately, the trailer hitch failed and the trailer detached from the vehicle towing it. The trailer went off road into the woods outside of Beaver Creek Canada. This is a very isolated area with few people around. I called USAA for roadside assistance intially. I am informed for the first time that USAA does not have contractors in Canada. They are unable to provide any support internationally and I would have to pay for the wrecker and get re-imbursed.


So I do this. The wrecked informs me that the trailer is totaled, as it would be more money to fix it than it is worth.I don't believe the wrecker because emotionally I did not want to hear that. I also called an American RV repair shop (at 50 cents a minute) to ask if the wreckers advice sounds accurate. The repair shop echoed the wrecker, stating repairs will likely cost more than the trailer is worth. I called USAA to make them aware of the situation and to submit an accident claim. I am told that I have to retain possession of the trailer and it is my legal obligation to do so. I am told that USAA will not do anything to assist me until the trailer is on the US side of the border.


So, I make the accident claim (trailer hit earth, it is a collision). I tow the trailer home at literally 25 MPH for 480 miles. Now the adjuster, Patricia XXXX, is requiring me to make statements over and over again regarding the circumstances of the accident. She states she thinks it is odd that a roadside assistance claim turned into an accident claim. I have submitted the police report from the Canadian Mounty, the wrecker invoices from Beaver Creek Canada, I have directed her and her supervisor to pull the audio of my calls, I have submitted numerous photos which have the GPS location embedded. Still Ms. XXXX is out to prove that I am a liar and a fraud.


I am angry that I have been doubted about this. I am angry that I was not informed of my policy, or rather USAA's limits. I am angry that USAA forced me to bring back a trailer that they have no intention of covering. I am angry that I am made to feel like a criminal because Ms. XXXX and her boss, Nellie, think that it is appropriate to accuse a US veteran with an honorable discharge, a Peace Officer, and professional so USAA can save a dollar.


Prior to this experience I bragged about my insurance. They were the best, I had no problems. But I had no problems because I did not make any claims. I had no problems because I was diligently paying my premiums month after month, no questions asked (more than $1200.00 in auto insurance alone). But the moment I have an accident,I become a liar and a criminal. In addition to besmerching my character, USAA is unfairly insinuating that the Royal Canadian Mountys, the wrecker, the person who sold me the trailer are all liars and cheats.


Shame on Ms. XXXX and her boss. I want this claim completed expeditiously and I want an apology.



I ran into this because I was trying to find a place to file a formal complaint. Today, by the Arizona office (Pamela) [Manager: Melissa] call me a hot head over the phone and insulted me by lying to me and giving me a false insurance quote. 

The problem started when I called 29 December to change my mailing address over the phone. I was asked if USAA had permisison to change/update all my addresses to the new one. I gave them permission to do so. 

5 months later I find out my address for my insurance policy had not been changed. Pam told me it was my fault for not verifying it on  my insurance documents that get mailed out to me... I explained it's all electronic. She basically stated it was all my fault. 

Bottom line, USAA does not proactively seek adddress changes to members insurance policies because they are charged everytime a member PCS'. They didnt tell me this outright, but they tried to spin it as if it would not benefit me because I had to put a down payment for the new state I had been in the past 5 months. I told them that was not a problem at all on my end and that I felt they were telling me that because they did not want to change the policy as it costs USAA money to do so.


So what this tells me is that many USAA policy holders do not have matching home addresses to coincide with their auto insurance policy... Sounds like implicit insurance fraud and USAA points the finger to the customer and says it's their fault....


USAA shouldnt have told me over the phone they wer egoing to update all my addresses yet fail to update my insurance policy address.


It only makes sense... 


I had a similar issue when I moved.  I called to change my address but they changed my MAILING and did not change my INSURANCE garaging location so my proof of insurance went to the wrong state and the state I was in threatened to cancel my license and impound my car.  Fortunately, it was just a quick phone call to fix but one would think common sense would prevail that if someone calls in to give a new address and says they are moving to another state, it is pretty obvious the vehicles are going also.


Not sure about that Canada trailer accident but before I go anywhere outside the country, I check to see if my insurance will cover me.  It DOES make sense that if a vehicle needs to be inspected, you have to keep it until it is.  However, if you did not have collision coverage on it, then there was no need to tow it home.  Anyone who knows anything about insurance coverage should know if you only have liability, collisions aren't covered.  However, it sounds like USAA could have handled it better.

We apologize and can see you are disappointed with the level of service you have received. We will be in contact with you to address your concerns. Thank you for your feedback.


On Dec 15, 2017 we paid over $18k in credit card debt to USAA for a past due credit card - (in addition to 2 other loans that we paid with USAA). Every single bad debt  that we have paid in full has been cleared with the credit bureaus and shows a status that says : “Was a charge off , paid in full” (that includes debts with USAA).


The 18k credit card we paid off is the only debt that we have disputed several times with documentation/proof showing the 2 checks ($10k and +$8k) that they took directly out of our bank account -- but yet -- no one with USAA has fixed this issue. They seem to have figured out how to "take your payment" but haven't figured out how to code it correctly in their system and with the credit bureaus. We have disputed this several times on both USAA’s website and with each credit bureau separetly since Dec 2017 - it is now July 2018!!


We are in the process of trying to buy a home (using USAA, btw!) and we have paid off every single debt that we have - yet USAA still has not updated the credit bureaus with the CORRECT status which should say “was a charge off, paid in full” like the others have done. We have tried going through our loan officer to assist us, we have talked to several different depts within USAA -no one has any answers and no one seems to care to get this right. We have gotten transferred to several different departments - with no luck in getting any type of assistance. IT makes it really difficult to do business with USAA in the future when they can't do their job correctly. 

@Disappointed Cust 1, I am sorry that this experience is not a good one. I am going to forward you post for review. Once review is completed you will be contacted. Thank you for reaching out. ~ Suzy