Ultimately my responsibility but have become accustomed to USAA making sure me and my family are taken care of as it applies to our USAA accounts and coverages, I was surprised this morning to discover that my renter's insurance did not move over to our house we have been in for almost 6 months. 

I have PCS'ed several times in my career and distinctly remembering a representative asking if a change, like when we move over our auto insurance to the new location/house, applies to my other accounts. For some reason, it does not or did not apply to the renter's insurance. Thanks the good Lord we did not have to call upon it but wow. 

Unsure how, when USAA looks across the range of accounts their customers hold; for us many accounts across many services, that they can't check on renter's insurance for the correct address. Let's just say that they did inquire as to my renter's insurance being updated, I can't imagine I would have declined as I was updating any other address indicating the address of my home. USAA, can you fix that?

Again, three fingers point back at me; ultimately my responsbility. However, any help with a customer base that faces frequent moves, the provision of helping the customer ensure thier renter's insurance reflects the same as where their vehicles are parked would be welcome.




Thank you so much for reaching out to us, DLitt. We are always open to any and all feedback. I will make sure this feedback reaching the appropriate department.