Extreamly Unsatisfied Home Owner Insurance Claim

Mark Crabill

I have been with USAA insurance for Auto and home (2 cars + 2 homes) for over 13 years. Recently I had to do a home insurance claim due to wind and hail damage to my roof. As I spoke with the insurance rep, the claim was filed, and the adjuster came out when scheduled 2-3 days later. Too easy just like it should be. After about a week, I was sent a check for about 2/3 of the cost to replace my roof minus my deductible, and it was explained to me the after the work was done, then I would have to submit the final bill, and I would receive the final payment to finish paying for the work that was done. This made completly good since for the roofers estimate was almost $14,000 and the USAA adjuster stated a little bit over $11,000. As the check was sent to me, it was addressed to myself, my wife, and USAA FSB (USAA owns the mortgage). I called and asked how am I supposed to cash this check and pay for the work to start if there are no USAA banks in the state of Georgia, I was told to send the check back to USAA with a copy of adjustment report, and my mortgage number. I asked if USAA is my insurance company and my mortgage company why would I have to send back the check they sent me, (waste of time) and then was told that it take 5-7 business days to process the check. Then they would send me back the endorsed check. I may also add that I have bank accounts (Checking and savings) with USAA. I have filed 4 claims (including this one) in the past 13 years, 2 home and 2 auto and have never had to play middle man between the same company. The lady explained that this is the new policy, and that there was nothing that could change it. My question is, Why wouldn't USAA Home insurance send the check to the USAA mortgage dept first, then the mortgage dept send it to me, if this is the process that the check has to follow, and way does it take so long.  I am so happy that the wind and hail damage is not an emergency, and that we are able to live in our home till this work gets started and completed. And why would USAA not share information between depts and make me print out everything and send it to them. Makes no since to me.

So for my rant USAA is wasting my time, and resources and taking chances that mail might get lost, or damaged. When they could make it a whole lot easier (like in the past) where they send me a payment so I can pay the contractors to do the work, Or send payment directly to the contractors, so that I am left alone, and can continue with my busy work and military schedule.




I am very sorry to hear about the damage to your home, I am glad no one was hurt. I have sent this over to our claims department for review. Someone will be reaching out to you in order to better assist. Thank you.

These responses from all the USAA community managers just make me more upset, haven't read a genuine helpful response yet. They are all just damage control.  Thanks USAA for your concern with our concern, I'll forward your response to the appropriate person to concern more, issue resolved, face saved.

We have usaa for all of our insurance needs. 2.5 years ago we purchased a new home. Less than three weeks later we had multiple roof shingles blow off our roof. I had someone come out/ inspect etc to fix. The inspector stated that the roof was in horrible shape and shingles were all dry rotted etc. Time lapse to two years later we had five or six more instances where many shingles had been blown off and needed to be replaced. At this point of paying all of this money and having to wait for a roofer to come out and do patch work I decided that it was time to involve my insurance company. The adjuster comes out after I had to have more shingles he replaced because I can’t wait for more damage to occur with all of the rain and wind that we have had. The adjuster stated that the damage I ant sufficient to be covered. About 14 days later I was notified by the claims adjuster that the damage was 750.00 worth and since my deductible is 1000 that nothing will be paid out. Now how is it that shingles constantly fly off my roof. I have had multiple roofing companies come in to do patch work they all say the roof is damaged and in poor shape but Usaa whom I have for all of my insurances since 2000 isn’t covering anything? I am extremely dissatisfied with Usaa. My wife and I are having a new roof installed this week coming up because we cannot take any more chances of further damage. What is the purpose of insurance if usaa isn’t going to help us? Needless to say, we will be looking to take all of our business of 18 years to another company.

@dhaman, thank you for your 17 years of membership. I can understand your disappointment with the results of your claim.  Before you decide to leave the USAA family, I would like to have a manager give you a call on Monday to discuss the findings of your claim.  Your membership is important to me.  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assist. - Ina

Mark, recommend you contact the USAA Chairman's Action Group to solve your problem. Sometimes USAA Claims has heir head up their fourth point of contact and unless the Chairman's Action Group rep knows about it, the member will suffer the consequences. This happened to me, a member since 1977, when my A/C was struck by lightning and USAA questioned the claim. I got the run around until I contacted this special rep. In the end USAA apologized for their screw up and waived my deductible. Good luck.
Mark, your story is just like ours! Only we received 3 checks and each time had to mail in to our mortgage servicer, U.S. Bank, who services our loan for USAA. Each check took 2 weeks or so to receive back, even though the first one we shipped overnight! The whole process has been going on since April-- like you I'm grateful for the coverage, and for the fact our roof is not leaking, etc., but perplexed as to why this took so long and, as you pointed out, why departments do not communicate with one another. Luckily we are patient and take deep breaths.:) Good luck from a fellow Georgian.

Dear MAR '77 and GatorGirl,

Thank you for sharing your feedback!

I am going to the same process, I have been with USAA since I bought my house 13+ years. I submitted a claim back in April and all have been a pain process. I guess USAA online like to recive my payments but not when I need to use my insurance.

@Carlos162, I hate to hear of your experiences with your homeowners claim. I have located your information and I am escalating this to the claims service manager. They will review your file and reach out to you. Thank you.