I am groot
I have been trying to pay my bill and it is not letting me, keeps coming up with error code 16;2942. I am extremely frustrated, I talked to a USAA representative on Friday and they said there was nothing they could do. I don't understand why this is not working correctly, and I would like this resolved before my grace period ends. I just need to pay my bill, and it has become a hassle.

Thank you.


I am groot, I understand that you would like to pay your bill, but an error message is preventing you from accomplishing this task. That does sound frustrating, and I would like to apologize for the inconvenience. I'll ask an insurance specialist to review the situation and reach out to you during regular business hours. ~Darcy

Having the same issue for a WEEK!!!! 

11c.68w, I understand that you are also receiving an error message when attempting to pay a bill. I'd like to see if I can help. Is this payment for an Auto & Property bill? ~Darcy

Oh no, I am groot! I certainly understand your concern and noticed you spoke to a representative shortly after you posted your concerns. Due to the timeframe which I received this information, I'm unable to call you. Therefore, to best assist you, I'll be sending you an email message which will be available under our online contact center. ~ Stacy

I keep having this same issue 🤦🏽‍♀️

Hi @Deyzhane2121, I am sorry to read that you are receiving this error message. To troubleshoot, please initiate a chat on usaa.com by selecting HELP at the top of the page, or by calling us at 800-531-8722. Thank you!