I have been with USAA for 38 years. I've trusted one company to take of my family with insurance, banking services, investments, moves, homes, and piece of mind.
In one phone call, those 38 years meant nothing. I was called out of the blue by a "USAA underwriter" named Jillian that my auto insurance policy would not be renewed. I had three at fault collisions in a four year period all within a year. I went aperplitic. I could not believe it. I've paid more in premiums than the total number of claims paid by USAA. "Doesn't matter Capt Bernard!" My wife have classified by your system as safe drivers throughout our membership. "Doesn't matter Capt Bernard!" We been loyal members and never spoke an ill word about MY company. "I can appreciate your frustration, CAPT Bernard but you exceeded the number of fault collisions and we will not renew your policy." It went on line this for several minutes. I couldn't believe how non-chalant she was. This is the USAA I signed almost four decades ago. A company that went out their way to help their members through conflicts, moves, disasters, and long deployments. It was more like a calculated and cold corporation, looking at their profit line and forgetting who the members were who were the foundation of their reputation. She made me feel insignificant. I asked if this went to a board or was some algorithm that predicts trends led to this decision. "No, I showed my manager and she agreed with the action." I must admit, I was not pleasant and at times down right angry. But what was really going on was that I felt betrayed by the very company I had promoted for so many years. Yes, betrayed. That's how much I trusted USAA. I was even asked once by a board member if I would like to be considered. I was honored but didn't have the time. But most distressing is that there was no warning. I was preparing to leave for the hospital for my chemo therapy (I have stage IV terminal cancer) when Jillian called and told me what was decided. I was tense already, this put me over the top. No appeals, no questions, just that you will be dropped. I kept asking did you look at these was I backed my truck into my daughters car(a USAA member) with no damage to me and minor damage to her but I reported it. The other was a claim where I showed that the other driver was at fault, but apparently, without my knowledge, I was faulted. This was the first time I heard of this. How did that happen? And the third was last year, my wife was in a parking lot where a vehicle hit her car (minor dent) and she reported it, no one claimed any repairs including us and she was faulted! Whatever the case, she said it didn't matter, "it's a pattern." A pattern? What am I some sort of criminal? If this was a pattern, why didn't USAA alert me to this. Itvw Kid have been sorted out quickly. At least that would be what I would have expected from the USAA I joined. If I was totaling vehicles and collecting, that's a pattern. I have no one at USAA to be my advocate - no ombudsman. I have to turn to a text to express my sadness, anger, dismay and disappointment in a company I I treated as if I owned it. I have over $10k in our memebership account. And now, with a phone call, I'm told, you are no longer wanted, were not renewing you policy, a faceless client that has no worth or meaning. We can set you up with out liability agency. Nice . Jillian said she understands but that's the way it is. Does she understand 30 years in uniform and all that goes with commitment? 38 years, and that's the way it is. Duty, honor, country , service, loyalty, meant nothing. Who does this long time member turn to-you've taken the little way wind II had left in my sails. Respectfully, CAPT Al J Bernard (ret)


Hi CAPT Al! Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. I certainly understand how it can be frustrating and agree that anyone in your situation would certainly feel this way too. To best address your concerns, please be certain that I've forwarded them to the appropriate area for further review. One of my business experts will research this matter and contact you directly to discuss. ~ Stacy

I found out that my auto policy would be terminated two months ago. My underwriter told me that if I had proof that I was not at fault, he would renew my policy. Once I submitted proof and documentation from the company who falsely submitted the claim, the underwriter changed his mind and told me that I have to have another claimed removed before he would "reconsider" renewing my claim. I am left on a wild goose chase trying to get this taken care of before my policy is cancelled on  Jan 1st. No one seems to be able to help. I have 8 total policies with USAA and feel that there is no value in that! 

@BBlock, I just responded to a post you left on another topic board.  I have submitted your request for a second review by underwriter.  Please allow one business day for a response. - Ina

This is certainly disturbing. Did USAA have a 3rd party insurance option to consider?
This is heartbreaking. Sad reflection of a company no one recognizes anymore. Thank you for serving, and God bless you

Even more of a reason to look at other alternatives. If insurance companies can (and will) terminate an insurance policy--why continue showing your loyalty to a company that doesn't return that loyalty? USAA knows that many customers will tolerate it, because they neither have the time nor willingness to go elsewhere. You know the saying--all good things must come to an end.

I completely agree - they show NO loyalty to someone that has paid for 35 years!!!!

I had the same exact thing happened to me. I just found out this morning and I am devastated. I have been with USAA for 35 years. I found out when I attempted to change my address because I moved to a new state. I was informed that my insurance would be dropped because I have had too many claims within the last five years. Only one of the claims was for an actual accident. One of the other claims was due to my running over an object on the highway. Another was for backing into a pillar in a parking lot. I have a great record over many many years and I am completely at a loss to understand this decision. I have noticed a change in USAA and I am no longer have confidence in this company. I just didn’t see this coming. And the information and news was delivered to me in a very cold manner. After so many years you would’ve thought I would’ve been ordered some courtesy and understanding. I intend to complain as high up as I can only so that the Board of Directors and leadership will perhaps take a look at where this company is heading. But at this point while it is a hassle, I am almost resigned to looking elsewhere. Very sad day for me. I am sorry this happened to you as well.

I can understand how upsetting this would be, @Capt Za. I've sent a request to a Subject Matter Expert to look into your situation. Please know that they aren't in the office at this time, but will have the request first thing Monday morning. Please allow sufficient time for the research to be completed. - Cathleen