Old Salt 62

In mid-September, my neighbor's 2" water line ruptured and washed out a large section of my asphalt driveway. His insurance company tells me they will cover any damage on his property, but that I must file my claim with USAA. I've done that and I've been told I am not covered for the loss. First the claim was coded as "earthquake/earth movement" and now it is coded as "water/freezing" and the claim page states "We're working on Your Claim".


I have spoken to your agent once and sent two e-mails asking for a written explaination of why USAA will not cover the claim that I can use in Small Claims Court to get reimbursement from my neighbor. The neighbor is totally uncooperative because he thinks my insurance will or should handle the claim. Except for a request to tell you "how are we doing?", I have had no response. I've been a member of USAA for over 50 years and this is my first property claim and all I want is help getting reimbursement of my $5,500 driveway repair cost from the neighbor or his insurance company. The neighbor, by the way, was seriously negligent in failing to shut off his water for three days during which an estimated 400,000 gallons of water flowed under my driveway. He was waiting for authorization from his insurance company, he says, to call a plumber to take action.


Who at USAA can help me understand why I am not covered and why you can't subrogate against his insurance company? Why can't I get a written response? Why does my file say you're still working on my claim? What more can I do?

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