Does my rental insurance cover my rental car in Germany?

Does my rental insurance cover my rental car in Germany?


That's an excellent question, @Jake0217 - I've sent a request for a colleague on the insurance team to check into this for you. Please be aware they aren't yet in the office this morning, but will have the request as soon as they arrive. - Cathleen

Thank you for your patience @Jake0217, I've forwarded a request to our international Subject Matter Experts for review and handling. They will be in contact with you. Thank you for taking time out of your day to communicate with USAA. ~ Shane

I'm very disappointed this reply doesn't include the actual ANSWER to his question. I have exactly the same question, I'm trying to book a rental car in Germany, and because your customer-service line is apparently closed all day Sunday, I'm at a loss. If this Q had been answered, I could have gotten the info I needed to make my reservation. As it is, I have to wait 24 hours ... which may cost me extra $$$ on the reservation.


First time I've ever been disappointed with USAA. Seriously, this Q is what your Search function produces when I type in the query ... but it doesn't ANSWER the question. [GRUMBLE]

Hello, @JVnyc. I certainly understand your concerns. Please, allow me to address it for you. Your stateside auto policy does extend to borrowed or rented vehicles stateside, but not internationally - namely in Germany. You would need to obtain temporary coverage through the German rental agency for a rental vehicle that you will be using internationally. I hope this information 100% answers your inquiry. Please, let us know if we can be of any further assistance.Thank you for reaching out.  ~ Steven