Does homeowners insurance cover sewage/pipe replacement up to the city pipes?


Recently we had a scare that we had a frozen/burst pipe in our yard that would need replacing. I got to thinking, would something like this be covered to the city pipes on our homeowner's insurance? If it's not, is there somehow you can add that at a "premium"? We have 3 large trees in our backyard which makes me nervous about those pipes back there. 


Hello @Curious37, thank you for being proactive in reviewing your USAA's homeowners coverage.  Those types of claims can be scary when dealing with sudden bursts from broken pipes to freezing pipes needing replacement.  USAA Homeowners policies do offer coverage and limited coverage for those types of emergencies.  To better assist you in reviewing your home policy, I invite you to chat or speak with us by selecting the "Ask USAA" button on your homeowners page on  We can explain and review your policy in detail and discuss if there is any premium changes for your question above.  Our specialist will be able to walk and guide you online in locating your policy to review as well as send you a copy if needed.  We look forward to hearing from you and have you prepared for those future incidents if they do happen.  ~ Marco