Does anything in my policy help with the cost or repairing exterior wood rot?


I have been noticing several areas around my house that are starting to show signs of rot, and i know those cost can build up quickly. Is there nay coverage for that in my policy?



Oh goodness, @PetrusJ! I certainly understand your concern. To best assist you, the first step is to speak with a claim representative so they can collect additional details surrounding your question.  We'll want to further investigate the specific facts about this damage and the coverage provided by the property insurance policy you purchased. The basis of the investigation would then center on what specially caused the rot to occur on your home. When ready, please call us at 1-800-531-8722 or submit a claim request online by selecting Claims located at the top of our main page or enter keywords USAA Claim Center in the search field above. Thank you for trusting USAA. ~ Stacy K.