Does USAA have their own Auto Insurance, or do they use Liberty Mutual?


I just signed up with USAA because I am looking for an auto quote. When I click on their page that says "Get A Quote" it takes me to a page that is referring me over to Liberty Mutual. On this page it mentions "For those who don't qualify for USAA insurance, Liberty Mututal is there...".


Not sure if it says I don't qualify because I just signed up and didn't yet provide a DD214 or any discharge paperwork or anything of the sort.


Anyone with knowledge about the process would be appreciated.


Hi, @roland5d4! Thank you for reaching out via the USAA Community. This is a great question. If you have not established eligibility yet, in the form of supplying a DD214 and so forth, it's possible that this page is coming up for you because of that. I would recommend reaching out to our New Members Solutions team at 800-531-8722 so they can help you get this process of establishing your eligibility started. :) ~ Steven