Has it been determined if checks will be sent out this year? Thank you.


Hi ANS89! Great question! At this time, the USAA Board of Directors hasn't determined if an Auto Insurance Dividend for 2016 will be awarded. Typically, the board meets to determine whether a distribution is appropriate toward the end of each calendar year.


Legal Disclosure
Insurance dividend includes automobile insurance dividend, automobile insurance premium refund and automobile insurance discount. ~ Stacy

Personally,  I think that the refund should be given directly to the Insurance bills.

I think you can set your preference to have it go directly to your insurance bill if you'd like. 

Blackhawks84, you're absolutely correct! Thank you for sharing this information! ~ Stacy




Will it be posted in here when a decisions is made?

Hello CMR81! Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today to discuss your questions regarding this matter. Please accept my gratitude for your service to our country and do not hesitate to let us know if we may be of further assistance to you. ~ Stacy

Any word yet on approval?

Hello Arthgallo! Our board of directors has not made the announcement as of yet. We should have a decision and make an official announcement within the coming weeks. Thank you for your post this evening! -Marisa

I was told on dec 1 it was approved and next week we will receive more information