I come from a career Navy officer family who has been with USAA as long as I can remember (40+ years).  I've been a loyal USAA member using them as my primary banking and auto insurance company for at least 25 years.   We have always been very confident with them and promoted USAA in our professional circles.   Recently, I've noticed a significant change with USAA and not for the better.   The insurance rates are not that competitive anymore (I have rarely made a claim) and the home mortgage department which I'm currently dealing has dropped the ball and delayed our closing date.   After comparing rates and doing some research,  I've decided to transfer my auto insurance to another company with a local agent for the first time since I became a USAA member. 


A few years ago, I remember USAA was advertising alot and had opened up to a broader customer base after being exclusively military officers and their families.   With that change, I am guessing there are more insurance claims and a drop in the the excellent customer service they were so well known for.    Although I'm disappointed with the insurance and home mortgage department, I'm still sticking with USAA banking and investments.   


Your loayalty to USAA is very appreciated and respected Ocen53.  The change you state in your service experiences is not something that is taken lightly.  The last thing that we would ever want to happen is for you to have to leave for your insurance needs, or anything else regarding your financial security.  Please allow us some time to review and look into this situation for you.  I will be involving a business colleague for a more in depth look into your concerns and you will be informed once complete.  Thank you so much for posting here and making us aware of your experience as of late.  Sincerely  -  Justin

Ocean53, don't mean to hijack your thread - I echo your thoughts/concerns on USAA,. I'm also a long time member (42-years), things just aren't the same as they were in the 70's. I also dropped their auto insurance several years ago because of their prices, guess they've started insuring higher risk members and tacking cost onto the rest of us. I thought about a mortgage with USAA last year for a condo purchase but, had read so many horror stories on the member community that I went with Quicken - probably the best decision I've ever made.


Even the brokerage services have taken a nose dive since USAA converted over to National Financial Services. Quicken downloads are no longer correct, might show a debit Vs a credit, have to review every entry for accuracy. The most disturbing though is; two years in a row they haven't been able to provide 1099-B's by the IRS deadline. Seriously considering moving my IRA and Brokerage accounts to someone else.


Haven't noticed any problems with USAA banking other than disappointment on the Master Card to Visa swap but, the number of negative member community posts without explanations by USAA is very concerning.


I'm considering moving everything out before the cancer that's stricken USAA grows.

I also had a horrible experience with a major accident auto claim, which many would consider one of the most stressful experiences of someone's life. USAA was absolutely horrible. They didn't return my calls, and used harrassment and threats to get me to send them the title of my totaled vehicle. Ironically, the accident was not my fault and they were just going to subrogate to the other insurance company. I tried escalating to senior executives with no assistance and even filed a complaint with the department of insurance. I was tired of losing sleep over it and ended up settling for a very low offer just so that I could have my peace of mind back. Absolutely nobody in the world should be treated like I did. 


Things have changed at USAA. I did research other insurance offers as I pay quite a bit of money for insurance between the 5 policies I have. The only reason I'm still with USAA is because of how well I was treated on a homeowner's insurance claim. I have never really used insurance before because I've been careful. Insurance is something that you hope you never have to use. Last year was a tough year and I really wish that USAA would get back to the way it used to be and start caring about their customers again. I'll even settle for lower - treat your customers like they are human beings. I wouldn't wish what they did on anyone even if I didn't know them.



I regret to hear this was the type of service you state you received and we would like to look into your concerns. I have located your account and have requested that one of our specialists contact you directly. Josh