I have been an USAA member for 34 years.  In that time I've made one property claim.  Unfortunately, a month ago I had to make a second claim dye to the amount of damage.  I did it online, because I was at work.  I was assigned an adjuster.  I waited...waited...waited.  Every email reply took 4-5 days.  I called, they were out if the office.  My claim took forever.  Thank goodness it wasn't my house with rain pouring in, but it was still very stressful.  The claim was finalized ...not the results I was wanting.  But that was not the disappointing part.  It was the LACK of service, caring, and punctuality.  After the claim was finalized I heard nothing.  Then, out if the blue I get an email saying an engineer will be coming out to look at the damage.....10 days later. It was too late.  I had already had the damage repaired--on my own.  When My adjuster learned this....it was like "Oh well.".  Nothing, no customer service, no caring, just not the USAA I grew up with.  Just very concerned about my long membership with USSA.....guess it just doesn't matter anymore. 


@dakhill Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your recent claims experience. This is not the level of service we expect our members to have when filing a claim. I have escalated these concerns to a subject matter expert to review. They will be following up with you in the next 1 to 2 business days.