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I bought a dash camera primarily for my protection but wanted to see if USAA offers any auto insurance discount for having one. Any info is appreciated.



Thank you for posting.

We do not offer an auto discount for dash cameras. Thank you!

You should.

That's disappointing. You should. It saves us all time and money (USAA included).

I agree that USAA should be offering a discount. Kinda crazy for such a good company to not be encouraging this, and not only for accidents but theft etc. Cameras don't lie. 


We appreciate your feedback in regards to dash cam discounts. I will forward your comments to our team. We always look for ways to improve and serve you better. Thank you for your membership!

Why does USAA NOT give a discount for dash cameras when it would benefit the company??  Many of your 'lesser' competitors DO offer discounts for that very reason.  Maybe that's why their rates are lower??????


This question comes from a 50+ year USAA member!



Hi tjnamtiw, I understand your concern about the discounts that are offered on an auto policy. While we currently do not offer any additional savings for having a dash camera, we do periodically review the discounts that are provided for our members. Feedback like yours is taken into considerations during this review, as it helps us understand the concerns members have regarding their auto policies. I appreciate your long time membership and if we can be of further assistance, please let us know. Thank you! -Marisa

Are you able to give us an estamite on when it might be? 
Other companies are doing it so clearly is not "too new" for them to make policy for it.. And dash cams have been around for decades in the police world(since 1939) , and in the civilian much longer than 2013(which btw in 2013 nearly every russian driver had one for insurance purposes). So why in 2017 do we get "its too new for us to have made a policy" ?

Capture.PNG  so that was a backpedel argument if I ever heard one.. 

Thanks for your additional feedback as I am submitting it for further review Fasttalker23.  No release dates are set at this time.  Please keep an eye out on our website for further announcements.  Respectfully  -  Justin