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I have a current damage claim on my home. It was caused by a faulty faucet in my upstairs bathroom. I have several concerns.

One, the company XLS who was to fight for my deductible from Moen because the faucet was faulty is not doing what they can. They told me because the damage was not more than $7,200.00 they would not send the faucet to their labs for testing. In fact, I had to pay to send the faucet to Moen. What do you think Moen will say, let me guess, not our fault. What good is my home owners insurance. Maybe I should look elsewhere. I already called several companies and they cannot believe what XLS told me. They also could not believe I had USAA as my insurnace company after i told them about this. 

Two, I have asked numerous questions in the communication center on my claim and have left two voice mails with my adjuster, Mr. Salas, but no call backs or answers to my questions. I submitted receipts for the new faucet and postage to send the bad faucet to Moen. I would like to know when I will be reimbursed. I also want to know what the most recent claim payout in the amount of $149.91 is?

Three, the repair company used wood flooring that I had to replace some of the damaged wood flooring. When will I be reimbursed for that. I've asked my adjuster and he has not answered me.

I am very upset and frustrated at this point. I would like some help. Thanks


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@OldGuard, thank you for providing us an update on the status of your claim.  I'll coordinate a review and a callback from your adjuster and their manager.  Please allow one business day. - Ina