Jessica Michelle
My husband and I have been members for almost 5 years with USAA and last year decided to purchase a Jeep and finance it through USAA. With that, we signed up for their Total Loss Protection, or as most know it as, GAP insurance. From previous experiences with trading in cars before they were paid off, banks have always refunded a pro-rated check for the remaining difference of GAP. APPARENTLY, USAA thinks that if you do not cancel this TLP within 60 days of signing, then you get absolutely nothing back! I have NEVER heard of a bank doing such a thing. Please, tell me how that makes any sense? Because in 60 days I will know if I'm for sure going to get in a car accident and not have to pay a difference? That's $269 to have this "protection" and 60 days to kiss it goodbye regardless of trade in or car accident. I am so happy that we decided to finance our new vehicle through Navy Federal Credit Union and my husband and I will be pulling our accounts from USAA and begin banking with Navy Fed. And let it be known that this was just my breaking point! We have had problems in many other departments with this bank. We are done putting our trust and our money into USAA.



Thanks again for posting in Community. I have requested a colleague reach out to address your concerns regarding your experience with Total Loss Protection. 

Like the total loss i just had where the differance was the about the amount of total loss protection and they did nothing to help me? But informed me that i can cancel it through online but they give you no real way to locate where on the site (twice) so finally you decide to prorate your comprehensive to finish the payment and they get off the hook for free. Sounds like USAA. Maybe you could get in contact with me as well.

Has anyone had any luck with getting in touch with the Total Loss protection program??? If so do you have a number or contact information?


Why would you get anything back? This is an insurance type coverage. It is a one time fee, for the vehicle loan, you should not expect any type of a refund.

I'm still in disbelief that I have been inconvenienced the way I have.  I was in an accident with another USAA member where the other member was at fault.  USAA has not considered to pay me for any of the inconveniences that I have had due to the loss of this vehicle and I feel that I am being railroaded by both Navy Federal and USAA.  Guess I'm going to have to go with another bank and insurance companies altogether.  There is no way that I should still have a balance on a vehicle where I was not at fault and had gap insurance on.  Disgusted, disgruntled, and will be taking my accounts elsewhere as soon as possible!

@Dr. Jackson, I am sorry to hear of your vehicle being a total loss and your concerns with the gap insurance. I have located your claim and I am going to escalate this to the CEO Member Relations department to review and reach out to you. Thank you.

I wish I had read this prior to purchasing it. My husband and I have been with USAA for 15 years. My husband was in a car acident and our car was totaled. USAA has been the worst in this situation. I am glad my husband walked away with minor injuries, otherwise this situation would be way worse. The person that hit us has usaa, so the car was totalled in January,in which I paid my payment in January. Now are on to February and I am getting phone calls daily for not making February's payment. Even though I have explained numerous times that the loan is with usaa, plus i have total loss protection. One department doesn't communicate with the other..... all I have been getting is the run around, harrassing phone calls and letters, all the while my husband has been back in forth admitted to the hospital. I am very disappointed in USAA and will be moving all of our banking accounts, homeowners insurance, life insurance, stocks and credit cards from this company!!!


@ Sparkles_98,

This is disheartening to hear, and I hope your husband is feeling better.  I definitely want to have your situation reviewed further regarding your claim.  I have escalated your situation to our CEO Member Relations Team who will be reaching out to you to address your concerns. Thanks ~Mike

I’ve been with USAA for 20 years then my wife was injured they don’t communicate! the car was left in their lot and automatic payments were taken was totaled it was in their hands and I’m making payments, no one called to stop payments. When I inquired they said we were responsible even though I had the total protection plan.