If my neighbor’s tree limb breaks my fence during heavy wind, am I covered through my homeowners policy?


Great question @Mcvkd!  Hopefully you don't encounter these types of winds that knock down trees or fences.  If you do experience this type of weather with some destruction, USAA homeowners policy has coverage that will pay your reasonable expense, up to $1000 in the aggregate, for the removal from the residence premises of:  (1) Your tree(s) felled by the peril of windstorm or hail or sleet; or (2) A neighbor's tree(s) felled by a loss under named perils.  To verify additional coverage's, please review your policy under "Additional Coverage's".  Your policy can be found under "My Documents" for viewing and printing if needing a hard copy.  If needing to make a claim, please call us @ 800-531-8722 to report.  Thank you for trusting USAA with your insurance needs and if needing additional answers or concerns about your policy, please reach us by chat or phone by going to your Homeowners policy on and select the button "Ask USAA" to reach us. ~ Marco