Complaint and request to speak w a real person empowered to do something??!


Hello - I am very unhappy w/ USAA after 30+ years. I have several cars and houses insured w/ USAA and recently your claims and customer service have been contradictory.


About a year or two ago I put in a claim for a computer - USAA paid like $135 but then apple repaired it under warranty and I retunred the money immediately. But even though USAA paid $0.00 on teh claim, it was registered against me. I asked to have it removed and was told no. AGain, even though it cost USAA nothing


I have a house in McLean VA that had ground water seepage in Fall 2018. USAA took 2 weeks to send an agent out to assess the damages, telling me to do no work until they had seen it, delayed the repairs (Making my tenants very unhappy) and then decided it was not a covered incident. We had it repaired, including all new basement dry wall etc, due to moisture/water damage and it took months. USAA paid $0.00. ZERO. Nothing. NADA. ZIP. 

Then last month (same house) I had  a drain that runs from the back door, under the house and out to the street that clogged. This was during Fairfax County rains that were declared a State Disaster. But luckily my tenants (very sensitive to water near the house now)  caught it before it overflowed and flooded! We got it repaired asap, for $5,500. The USAA claims agent said "had it flooded the basement, we would have covered it, otherwise this sounds like maintenance." And that was it.


Now I have a Condo, also insured by USAA, and I merely wanted to know if my coverage would provide any relief for a Condo Special Assessment levied by the HOA and the claims agent in the chat, after taking minutes to say nothing, wasted my time, only to tell me to call and file a claim.


I would like to talk to a senior representative who reseraches my issues before the dicsussion and is empowered to have a real chat. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, +11 hrs ahead of EST. Figure it out and call me (ps- your agents have yet to figure this out, despite my MANY complaints during teh ground water seepage - they routinely phoned me at 0330 or 0400 and left a voice mail... ) 


After 30 years, I am about to give up on USAA and switch to geico. If I lived in the USA I would do it today. I look forward to hearing from an actual human.


PS - why is there no spell check on this? why can't I email anyone at USAA?




Thank you for reaching out. Coverage regarding Loss Assessment can be located in your contract, which I have re-posted to your My Documents folder on To access, select your name on the top right, My Documents, Insurance folder. 


I regret to read of your disappointment with USAA otherwise and will be sharing your feedback with the appropriate area. Thank you for taking your time to share these details with us.  ~Danielle