Cheating us on our Renters & Homeowners Insurance Policy Payout.


The bulk of our household property was stolen from a storage rental unit. At the time of thief we were paying for "Replacement Value" on both Renters and Homeowners Insurance per USAA instructions. We were told when we reported the thief that it would be filed against our Renters Insurance and any remaining would go against our Homeowners Insurance. Then we were sent a letter from USAA telling us the date deadline for filing our claim, it was 6 years. We did not ask for this, USAA decided this 6 year period. Now that we are trying to deal with this claim, we have been consistently told different things about the payout. Now this week we have been informed that since we had 6 years to get our claim filed, then we no longer have "Replacement Value Insurance". USAA has decided to only payout on "Actual Cash Value Insurance" even though we have paid and are still paying for both Renters and Homeowners Replacement Value Insurance. And if that's not bad enough, every item that has been depreciated has been depreciated by 75% of Replacement Cash Value. We were never told throughout this whole ordeal that they were going to do this. Actually up until they had to redo our claim due to consistent mis-labeling of our items that gave them a much lower value, thats when we noticed the "Unrecoverable Depreciation Value" on the payout statement and questioned it. Now I could see them giving us the "Replacement Value" prices for 6 years ago, but they did a 75% depreciation. There have been countless problems with this claim and my wife is still going thru the second claim list noting mistakes that will need to be fixed. If they are doing this to us they are doing it to others. For those looking for Renters or Homeowners Insurance, you better read the entire policy. USAA is not military friendly when it comes to paying out on these insurances. They have set these policies up to keep as much of the customers payout as possible. We are still refusing to accept their claim offer and how they are changing our insurance payout. Someone at USAA who has the authority to deal with this needs to get involved and make this right.


@ES-66, In reviewing your claim, I see that the manager working with you has already escalated this matter for additional review.  Our goal is to resolve this claim amicably and fairly. Please allow 1-3 business days for handling. - Ina