Can you tell me when 2018 insurance dividend checks will be direct deposited?


Can you tell me when 2018 insurance dividend checks will be direct deposited?


Hello @Bigdaddymike! At this time, the USAA Board of Directors hasn't determined if an Auto Insurance Dividend will be awarded. Please rest assured, our members will be the first to know when a determination is made. Thank you for your membership. -Lori

Just curious since we are in the first part of December if there has been a decision made on dividend distribution?

Hello @Shaelanae. Eligible members will receive notification of any information pertaining to Subscriber Accounts, including distributions, after our Board of Directors come to a decision at their end of year meeting. Distributions are not guaranteed. Please, keep an eye out on your email inbox and as well as your online documents folder for updates. Thank you for your membership. ~ Steven

WHat's the latest info?

Hi @Bigdaddymike, thanks for your post. Beginning December 6th, members will begin to receive notifications of the Auto Insurance Dividend. Have a great evening. -Paula

Just wondering if there will be a dividend refund this year?

@StedtsenThe approved percentage will be available on Tuesday December 6th and an email will be sent to the primary email address on file with the information as well. If you do not receive any information or email by Wednesday morning please let us know.

What happens if I failed to select how I wanted my dividened deposited/applied on USAA.COM?  Does USAA mail the check in that case?

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This will allow us to communicate and keep your information private. Looking forward to hearing from you soon! ~ Stacy K.