Can we get a graphic designer to take a look at the policy documents? :)


I happen to work for an insurance company that isn't USAA. I don't have insurance through my employer, but I do see the documents we send out to customers. The way USAA's declarations pages and policy documents are formatted now leaves a LOT to be desired, compared with what my company sends out. I know USAA has begun to update some of the typefaces and letterheads that go out, because I've seen the updated Subrogation Demand letters that look much better. Is a similar redesign in the works for our policy documents? I'm sorry, but as a former graphic designer, it's hard to look at our dec pages, they're so ugly!


I've got to agree with the original poster. I've been with USAA for 25+ years, and I've always been struck by how "breathtakingly unattractive" the insurance, banking and credit card forms and correspondence are that I receive from them.  It's like something you'd expect from a bank in 1950's soviet Russia or North Korea.  Come on USAA, it's the 21st century. Give your correspondence typestyles/fonts/designs a facelift. It can all be a part of a "making banking friendlier" campaign.  You can be a big strong military-friendly bank, and still have attractive graphics and correspondence.  Ask your neighbors at Navy Federal Credit Union.