Dead end decision trees trying to contact you by email...finally sent several to "incorrect" address just because it was the only one I could reach...they responded TWICE that I had to call after I'd written TWICE that it was not an option...want to email with a human about my auto insurance (storage status). Don't need an explanation, just want someone to look at the rate and make sure its right...if it is...a note saying "its right" would suffice. If its wrong, I trust USAA to fix it.

You should be able to access the email thread through my account. I can send/receive text to the phone number on my account.

But, no...I cannot call...cannot call...cannot call.

don, 111 61 80


I am saddened to read that you are having trouble reaching us. So that we can deliver the most efficient and best in class service, the option to message USAA will only be offered when our chat service is not available.  You still have the option to upload documents. To chat, please go to the insurance page > reach a representative or if you prefer a representative. Thank you!