Can I insure a vehicle for just a couple days?

I have a truck that I do not drive so I do not have insurance on it, but my car (daily driver) needs worked on and I will need to drive my truck for a couple days. Is there any way my car's insurance will cover the truck for a day or so? Or is there a way to insure my truck for just a couple days and then remove it? Thanks!


@GaryGilbert -Hi Gary, great question, while we can't insure it and automatically uninsure it after you are done, you can manually add and remove the truck (really any vehicle you own). You can add, replace or delete a vehicle from your policy by following these steps: 1. Log on at USAA. com and select the My USAA tab. 2. Under Insurance, select your Auto Insurance Policy. 3. Select Add, Replace or Delete a Vehicle. You will need to do this both when you add the truck and again when you need to remove it. We will bill you for the time it is insured with us, but the premium quoted will be for the remainder of the policy term, we will pro-rate after removal. If you need help while online we have click to chat available to help members>Help or the ASK USAA button, we can also get you squared away with a couple quick phone calls if you prefer, 1-800-531-8722. Hope your daily driver, car, gets repaired quickly! ~Shawna