We filed a claim back August 04,2018. The first check recieve was from the estimate from USAA contractor who was upset that they didnt do the rip out on the water damage and gave a very low bid without covering all the damage or even the roof leak itself. then I had to have a roofer come out to tarp the roof since it STILL LEAKED IN THE HOUSE.

Then next check was for the roof done by a outside Adjuster but was told to take off all but the roof estimate. That alone took 5 months after our own adjuster contacted USAA and complained. Now its been 7months. My house is still in shamebles, freezing cold since we live in Pennsylvania, we have 2 children living is our home, rooms are distroyed by ripped out walls. We have a toilet and sink in the middle of a bedroom that cant be used. Now USAA will not talk to us since we have our own adjuster and they WILL NOT return his emails or phone calls.

There own adjuster agreed with our adjuster that the original estimate was not done completely or correctly. We are on the ferge of filing a complaint with the Department of Insurance which has already told us we have a right to complain. 

I have looked all over there web site to find a complaint section but havent found one. I hope this is read by someone that can help in this matter. Winter is almost over and I would like to have my house put back in order. I have shorten what we have gone through but being ignore is the final straw with USAA and everytime one of there commercials come on makes me gag.



I'm sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction with your home claim. I completely understand how not having your home repairs completed in a timely fashion can be frustrating and a huge inconvenience. I am going to escalate your concerns to a subject matter expert in our complaints department. They will review the situation and reach out to you within three business days Thanks. -LeKisha