Beyond frustrated with USAA's lack of compassion

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We were in a couple of hail storms in TX and we just cannot believe how we are being treated by USAA. I have never experienced this, but I suppose I haven't needed USAA's help with anything in many years. I am a long time member and I'm sad to say I am beginning to insurance shop because of this. We were told by someone in the storm department USAA would not charge us double deductibles for home damage sustained in the hail storms since work hadn't been completed on the first claim. Imagine the relief in hearing we would only be paying one home deductible! I thought wow, USAA is great! Well, then we are told by another rep that it isn't true; double deductibles for everyone! A few days pass with no luck in reaching any sort of management, then I meet another storm victim who also has USAA. She's been told they are only having to pay one deductible. She even had a couple people from USAA call with the good news. So, either she is being lied to like I was early into the claim, or we are being treated unfairly. We use USAA for all insurance and vehicle loans. If this 4K in extra deductible is that important to them, I guess they will lose much more in business with me. And it won't stop there. I have a family member that was going to finance through USAA for his new home purchase and is thinking twice after seeing how we are treated.



Thanks for reaching out in Community. I regret to hear about this situation with the deductible. I have requested a specialist look into this further and reach out to you.

Welcome to the club I can't believe what I am going through myself never thought they would put me through this

Were you affected by the hail storms as well?

yes i just made my post today tell me what you think?

I have heard many complaints about USAA wanting to total their cars. I know they totaled mine, but mine looked so much worse than yours. Yours certainly doesn't look like it should be totaled, what is the value of the car?

USAA says $21,000

they want to cut me a check for 22,000 i put 11,000 on the post that was mistake but the point is I dont want a another car or the cash

Wait a minute folks! USAA is all about their members haven't you seen the commercials?

Yep.  Same boat here - was told one deductible and now they are crawfishing.  I've been talking to a lot of folks in our community and there are quite a few people who are upset by this considering many of the bigger companies like State Farm and Allstate are rolling it into one claim.  USAA is about to lose a TON of business in North Texas.

I have documented proof they are doing it for some members and not others. Which is not allowed, and I know the extent of the damages from those members and from each storm. We are currently trying to begin the process of gathering this conflicting info and may start a facebook page to bring the community together on this.