Just wanted to inform people of my situation before considering USAA insurance. We have a 2016 Avalon in which my wife was driving when someone backed up into her in a parking lot. She honked as the other lady was about to hit her and the other lady stop momentarily then decided to continue backing up into her before she could respond. The other lady admitted fault and when my wife called the police they indicated they do not file reports if the incident was in a parking lot. We submitted the information to the insurance to have her insurance pay for the damage. Well guess what? She's also insured by USAA. Our rep is telling me we may habe to pay a $1000 deductible from our end even though

A. The claim is against her insurance not ours

B. The estimate is $600

We have been waiting  3 MONTHS! for them to "investigate" when there is nothing to investigate. No report was taken but again the other driver admitted guilt. We're still waiting. I believe USAA is attempting to wait it out until we just give up. Anyways, I just wanted to share our experience with USAA insurance the first time we turned to them for help. We'll likely be dropping USAA soon as well as the other services.



Having been a long time USAA customer I can tell you that your experience is not typical. In your situation I would be upset too but I believe if you call them up and ask to speak with a supervisor you will get some action right away.

Yeah some action right away. That's hysterical. 

USAA is not the company they once were.  They will try to make you think you got a good resolution and you will think so because of your trust from past dealings with them.  Becareful because they now only care about making money for the company and bonuses for their board members.  They will low ball you and make you fight for what is right.  There have been many law suits aganist them.  They are lossing members and that is why they have to have all the TV advertisments now.

I file my first and only home owners insurance claim, through my USAA policy, MARCH OF 2017. It still has not been resolved! I have asked over the telephone and through the Communication Center for my agent, Felicia, to be REPLACED and this has not happened. I cannot find any place on the USAA web site to file a complaint so I will now contact the MA Attorney General's office. STAY AWAY FROM USAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@NerdsNerd: You couldn't be more wrong. USAA/AIS are refusing to pay very MODEST med bills from MVA 8/30/17. AIS does cost containment, USAA has been subject in many class action suits. This IS very typical.

@Vts1, I am sorry to hear of your auto accident and your concerns regarding your medical bills. I have located your information and I am escalating this to the CEO Member Relations department to review and reach out to you. Thank you.

This is Wednesday after my Monday post, and I have not heard from anyone at USAA. I don't have much time before all these unpaid medical bills go to collections, affecting my daughter's credit. I took the liberty of reporting USAA to the WA State Insurance Commissioner's office, in the hopes they can motivate USAA to move expeditiously. I would be happy to resolve this any other way. But since I've heard nothing, I will have to proceed with my aforementioned plan. I can only afford to wait until the close of business tomorrow.

@Vts1, I am sorry to hear about your daughter's injuries and the frustration you're having with the auto claim.  This is never the experience we want you to have with your auto claim.  I asked a business specialist to research your situation further and to follow up with you as soon as possible.  Thanks again for reaching out to us.  ~ Robert

We had to hire a lawyer to collect on our USAA auto policy, and USAA still wanted to fight our claim.
Pre-trial, USAA sent their attorney to depose my 15 year old. After recording only a little of my kid's vivd description of the crash, the blood, pain, crying, fear of death, permanent disfigurement , etc, the USAA attorney halted the deposition and told he was immediately recommending settlement to his USAA boss.
What kind of thugs would be willing to bully a traumatized teen girl in a courtroom. USAA was willing until we forced them to face the shame of what they do to their own supporters.
Dropped their auto policy and now pay far less for more coverage with another company.