Completely awful service from the new third party roadside assistance service. 1.5 hours in and I get an hour service eta, when there is a local company that can be here in 10 mins. It's the middle of the night and they took almost two hours to book someone from another state for service. Ridiculous!


I totally agree, they damaged my door here in Ga, I waited for hours ended up having to purchase a new battery. Horrible.
What did you do about your damaged door???

I liked the old company better.  However, I have had to use the new company a few times this year already.  I have quick response and good service.  I felt like the old company was better about keeping you posted on how long it would be until service arrived.  Other than that I am satisfied...

Hate the new company waited 1 hr to get door unlocked.
My Aunt called for Roadside Assistance today. The CSR at Agero told her that there was no Roadside Assistance on our policy. It was a blatant lie. My mother verified online and through a chat with USAA - double verified it was on the policy! Of course, I wrote the policy and pay for it! My mother then called back to Agero to reissue the request for service. This time the guy sent the request through. The my mum asked for a supervisor. She got a Supervisor named, Shawn. She told him the situation and wanted it investigated as to why this had happened. She was assured that Shawn would send it up to "Management" for them to make a decision about what comes next. I can tell you what comes next. She requested the call, audio and transcript, which she may or may not come to fruition. She wants it investigated and actions taken against the CSR that potentially could have placed a USAA client in danger or a situation that could have compromised her safety of that of my cousin. My mum is a real advocate for Veterans, children and families. She will keep digging into Agero to find other cases and present them to our attorney for possible legal action. She will fight until she gets the resolution she wants and feels comfortable that Veterans and their families are protected from CSR that can place them in danger.

I went through a simlar situation.  I hope that this issue is resolved.  This should be the highest priorty they have as it ist the time in which their memebers are the most at risk.


Thank you for your post and sharing your experience in Community. I sincerely regret your experience was not exceptional. If this issue has not been resolved or if you do have additional questions, do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you. 

I have had to use Roadside Assitance (RA) twice in the past year. Unfortunately, I do not recall the details of the last time I used RA, but I do recall not being completely satisfied with the third party provider, AGERO, that USAA uses. But the most recent experience was absolutely atrocious. My 17 year old son drove to a friend's house to accompany them to a Mariners baseball game. When they returned, his car would not start. Fortunately, he was in a safe place. It was about 1030 pm. I called the USAA Roadside Assistance number and got AGERO. They set up the service and the response time was fairly decent. The problem was that they towed it to the wrong shop, even after I was reasonably assured the CSR had all the correct information. When I called my shop the next day for a status, my mechanic told me he didn't have the car. When I called USAA RA to find out where my car was, they blamed it on the tow company for delivering it to the wrong place. Further research indicated that it was not the tow company, because they had a FAX from AGERO with the wrong information, but AGERO that had made the mistake and not been forthright about it. I can't even explain how the wrong information maded it to the FAX, but a supervisor I talked to indicated that some information changed when the CSR was toggling between computer screens or something. Anyway, in the interim, the wrong shop had done some diagnostics, and wanted me to pay for the work they'd done before they would release the car to be towed to the correct shop. To make a long story shorter, after spending several hours on the phone trying to get AGERO or USAA to pay the bill, I ended up having to pay for it myself with the hope that I will eventually be reimbursed for that cost. I'll have to repost when I know how that goes.


What I'm wondering is if anybody at USAA is listening to all the complaints about this third party affiliate, AGERO? And do they care or are they doing anything about it. I read a lot of comments when registering to write this post and it appears USAA as a whole is in decline. Most of my experience with them over the last 30 years has been positive, but they don't seem to be the company they once were. I definitely would NOT use their banking services after reading all of the negative comments about that division.

 I am sorry you all have had negative experiences with roadside assistance. I have passed your feedback up the chain. Thank you all for sharing. If you would like to share more details about your individual situation involving the roadside service please fill out this form. Thank you.