Avoid the Extended Vehicle Protection Program by Assurant Solutions

Coastie Chris
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I love USAA. I have been a member for almost 10 years, and they have been great to me with every issue I've had to deal with...whether it was renters insurance, auto insurance, banking, and loans. However I finally found their achilles heel, it is their Extended Vehicle Protection Program provided by Assurant Solutions. Yes, USAA does not run this program. However, they do sell it. They advertise it. They slap their seal of approval on this company's product, and it is a complete fraud. So much to the point that if I wasn't busy with work, I would be taking Assurant to court for blatant breach of contract in our agreement...hopefully the statute of limitations works in my favor so I can deal with them once I'm no longer in my training program.


Here is the story. I purchased the plan through USAA for my 2008 Santa Fe. I noticed that the CD player was not working properly. The CD that was inside would not eject, and it was causing the radio to malfunction. I looked at my policy with Assurant and saw that I would be covered. They advertise that they "cover more than 1,000 parts" ( https://www.usaa.com/inet/pages/extended_vehicle_protection_program_main_page ) and even list some specific things such as your power windows not working, along with many other examples. Under the advertisement, and my contract, it specifically states they will cover the repair of any electronic or mechanical malfunctions. I would think my CD player's ejection system not working, causing the radio to not work to classify as "electronic/mechanical malfunction." So because they aren't open on weekends, I was unable to call them to get permission from them to repair the radio. When I did reach them on Monday, they stated that I would first have to pay the mechanic for the labor, and then they would have to determine if they would cover the repairs fo the radio. They said that they would not cover it because it was "wear and tear." The contract lists all the items that are wear and tear...obvious things like your tires, belts, headlight bulbs, etc. It lists everything specifically. But they said they wouldn't cover the radio because the car was old (100K miles) and it was normal wear and tear. I then gave a similar example asking, "If my engine froze up because a piston got 'stuck' in a similar fashion that my CD is stuck....would you cover that too?" His reply, "No, also wear and tear. If nothing needs to be replaced, we won't fix it." This is completely against what their advertisement states along with the contract....it is very clear in its mechanical and electrical malfunction repairs. Eventually one of the reps told me, "Well if you didn't have our policy you would still get it repaired, right? So just pay out of pocket to get it done." Well then what was the point of me paying for your warranty if you were just going to tell me, "You would get item A repaired anyway, so just pay out of pocket for it."


USAA was great in helping me as much as they could, by reaching out to the company working with them to try to get some resolution. In the end though, my contract is with Assurant. I do think that USAA should have some process to resolve this considering they were the ones who sold me on this program, they advertise for it, etc....they shouldn't be this powerless considering how many customers they probably bring to Assurant. Together with USAA, we realized a lot of other questionable things in the contract. For example, they are only open from Mon-Fri during normal business hours. If your car breaks down outside of those times, you cannot authorize repairs without their approval, or they will refuse to pay. They state that they will provide a rental for you, along with hotel costs if your vehicle breaks down....but again, most people travel on weekends (when they are closed). So those perks are useless because you can't get the hotel approved, rental car approved, or repairs approved until they are open. AND when they are open, it takes 8-10 hours to get approval from them. Their contract also specifically states you must stop driving your vehicle immediately upon realizing there is a problem or they won't cover it.


So let's look at a realistic scenario. You are driving to Disney World on a Friday night so you can enjoy it on the weekend with the family. Your car breaks down. According to the contract, you must stop driving it immediately. So you get a tow truck to bring it to the closest shop that doesn't open until Saturday. But, you can't get the car repaired without Assurant's permission, nor can you get hotel costs or rental costs covered. So your options are wait until Monday (when you should be back home to return to work) so your car can be covered by the $1K+ warranty you purchased....or just pay out of pocket and hope to God that Assurant doesn't deny the repair or claim it was "wear and tear." You weren't able to use any of the perks they sell you on...not hotel, no rental, no per diem, not even the ability to get the car repaired. You had to pay out of pocket (obviously) so you could still make it to Disney. If you look up Assurant, you'll see they provide insurance/warranty for other products such as cell phones and electronics. Their overall review online ranges around 1-2 stars out of 5...a lot of unhappy customers. Assurant is a huge scam, that does not even understand their own contract.


To summarize this long thread...USAA was very helpful (as helpful as they could be at least). But they should not push this service from Assurant that is just one big scam. They blatently breached contract AND their advertising promise. As I said earlier, I am still waiting to finish my program to look into taking them to small claims court just to get my warranty money back since they are not obligating our agreement. I hope everyone stays clear of this company, and just looks elsewhere for their warranty provider.


Hi Coastie Chris,


Thank you for providing this feedback. I assure you I will be sharing this with the appropriate team member. 

Thanks for the discussion. I have a service plan (they don't call it a warranty for a reason) for a fridge. I had a terrible time with them, so when I saw this extended plan for cars is from Assistant, I stopped in my tracks, learned my lesson from the fridge, which unfortunately echoes your experience
Ah, autocorrect, the plan I had is Assurant

Could you please update your experience with the EVP?  Did the denials continue?  Did things improve?  Thank you!

Hello roam. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns we can assist you with. Thank you! - Darrell

So, at about 1130 today my drivers side power window clunked and rattled then stayed in the down position. I immediately called USAA for my assurant info and contact info. I was bridged into Assurant with USAA providing my info. I then went to my local Chevy dealer (FREEWAY CHEVROLET in Tempe, AZ). My service manager Rick got it in right away. Within 1 hour my quote was ready. The mechanic also found a large ding in my AC condenser which was included at a total of $1200.00. Assurant was contacted and immediately approved all of it. My car will be ready in about an hour (it's 1530 now).
I have no complaints with Assurant.



I appreciate you sharing your comments. I'm glad to hear your vehicle is being taken care of and you had a great experience. Thank your for your membership and I'm sharing your feedback for review. Have a wonderful evening. -Paula

Is the CD player a factory item or an aftermarket item?


I specifically got the EVP for my 2009 STS and 2011 CTS because of the Very expensive integrated audo and navigation systems in those cars (plus the equally expensive climate control, RSS suspension, etc.)  I would not be pleased to be told that if the 6 disc changer failed that it wouldn't be covered, or if my wife's internal SSD HD weent out that that would not be covered.


That said, I have had no denials for any work so far (on the STS only  - the CTS just ran out its 6 yr Cadillac CPO).

Any updates on this issue? Am looking at purchasing extended warranty on my new vehicle. Very concerned with the integrity of Assurant Solutions based on reviews and previous customer recognition. USAA please update us on this matter, thank you.