I recently got a ticket and was wondering if it will raise my insurance premuims.

Violation is: [removed sensitive data].5A VC-1

I was looking at my GPS on my phone in my hand while performing my job which requires food delivery services. 

The officer informed me that this is a non-moving violation so it shouldn't affect insurance rates.

I just wanted to make sure and ask before I contested the ticket.

Thank you in advance.


Hello Nathan.  Bummed to hear that you got a ticket while not moving in your vehicle.  Certainly would be inquiring to make sure your rates don't get affected with the ticket.  This type of non-moving violation may affect your driving history which in turn can affect the premier driving discount.  Did the court offer to take a course to have the violation removed from your driving history.  Depending on the state you live in, defensive driving courses may add additional savings to your policy if required to take the course.  This is a great question.  You can view the available discounts for your policy by going to and clicking on your auto policy.  Next click on the tab "Discounts and Savings" to view what available discounts in your state of residence.  If you have additional questions to about coverage's and savings, select the button "Ask USAA" that is located on your auto policy page.  Thank you for inquiring with us today and thank you for your membership and trusting USAA with your insurance needs.  ~ Marco