Today I received an email from USAA saying my Auto Policy Premium is changing. Changing means increasing. Increasing means $107.51...I am 27 and my husband is 26. Our premium was $596.48 and now will be $703.99. We haven't had any accidents, no claims, nada. I've been with USAA since 2011. I have a savings, checking, auto insurance, life insurance for my husband, and home owners insurance. In 2015 (shortly after I got married), my husband and I combined accounts and he was added to my auto insurance policy. This is the first time that my premium increased (obviously besides adding my husband as a driver and our second car). But the reasons in the email included: "more accidents and higher claims costs" and "because insurance is a shared risk". I feel like an additional $107.51 is pretty high for a 6 month premium. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this?


Thank you for the post SgtArchie, rates can change term to term depending on the risk factor in the area you are living in. We are always more than willing to conduct an insurance review to make sure all coverage's and savings are entered in correctly. When you have a few moments please give us a call at 1-800-531-8722 and any insurance agent will be more than happy to go over your policies. - Ralph 


My auto premiums skyrocketed with USAA this year. No way am I going to pay the excessive rates USAA expects anymore. I went with a different insurance company for my auto policy and it went down by more than 700 for the year. I co tatted USAA and they told me there was nothing they could do to make it lower. I have been wit USAA for around 17 years and my loyalty was to them after all these years, but it doesn't seem like it goes both ways. USAA is losing touch with its client base. Get back to having reasonable rates and I will consider coming back.

The last thing we would want is to lose any of your business Gatorleg.  It is unfortunate to learn that the premium was not competitive for you.  Please know that your membership is highly valued and it would be our pleasure to look into a new insurance quote for you.  Thank you for posting today and providing your feedback.  As always, you can call us anytime by dialing 1-800-531-8722.  Sincerely  -  Justin

I've been with USAA for several years, their Insurance department is the only ones that have ever let me down.  I left them due to WAY!! high rates, and just recently came back.  I'll be leaving again shortly, as they are trying to raise my rates AGAIN.  The only reason I came back was I got stationed at Ft Bragg, had NC Farm Bureau for a year and then they said they require my vehicle have NC tags.  I want to keep TN tags so back to USAA I went.  Rates were bearable until they out of the blue want to increase them.  They even sent me documentation requesting I agree to the fact that they may charge me 12% higher than the state of NC suggests.  I'm not paying higher than MSRP for insurance, and for sure not 12%.  The rep I spoke to on the phone tried to convince me this form was an official state form I by law had to sign or my policy would be terminated.  Sounds to me like the form is designed by NC to protect policy holders and inform them of outrages rates far above market, You got caught USAA!

Chief_Lee, I understand your upset and can assure you that our intent is to never have our members feel like this. I've reached out to a subject matter expert who will review what happened. Once additional information is available, we will be in contact with you. -Marisa

I came across this thread after getting my latest policy renewal - I'm looking at a **30%** increase despite making no claims and owning the same used car (which is a * and continues to get older and is depreciating in value, by the way)...


I can even get the 5-12% increases if costs are rising in certain regions, but 30%?! Is something wrong here or is this expected?

westcoast_driver, I certainly appreciate your feedback and definitely understand your concerns about the increase to your premium. Please know that auto rates are affected by a number of factors, including accident frequency and severity. Simply defined, frequency is the number of accidents people are having; severity is the accident costs. Recently, the entire property and casualty auto insurance industry has seen a significant increase in both frequency and severity, with USAA being no exception. To learn more, I invite you to visit us at


Even though you haven't had any accidents or tickets, you share the risk with every other USAA policyholder. This sharing of the risk is the core principle of insurance, where risk is spread over a large body of drivers, thereby minimizing each individual's exposure to a major financial loss. Unfortunately, members are having more accidents, and those accidents are costing more. Increasing rates ensures we are able to pay future losses and remain financially stable for members.


If I can be of further assistance and review some possible options to help you save money, please send us a private message. Under your user handle on top right corner of this page, you'll see a drop down menu. Just select the envelope icon. Then, on the next page, click on “Send New Message” button. Thanks! ~ Stacy

Who did you switch to? I’m also looking to dump Usaa .

Bummed to see this @Trickhead that you want to dump USAA.  I'd like to review your situation or review your policy to better understand your decision to leave by sending me a Private Message.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.  ~ Marco