My wife has had the absolute worst service tonight with USAA Auto Insurance.


She had an accident a couple years ago and the State of Florida required proof of insurance in their records which we submitted. 


The State of Florida contacted USAA 3 times to validate the coverage which they advised we were NOT insursed. 


Fast forward to today, the State of Florida has now suspended my wife's DL twice in the last 30 days which we were advised today.  We've been on the phone with USAA for 3 hours and no substantial answers nor commitments.


My wife cannot drive until USAA will clear both the insurance issues and have her driving record cleared.


I believe I've accessed Stuart Parker's email, the CPB, State of FL Insurance Dept and the OCC.  We expect a resolution immediately.  


Snapshot1, I appreciate your additional post. Please see our response sent to you via Facebook for more information and assistance. Thank you. -Paula