Are friends covered when they're driving my USAA-insured vehicle?


My roommate doesn't currently have a car and may need to occassionally (like, maybe 1-2 times per month) drive mine. Does my USAA auto insurance cover anything that may happen when (s)he is driving the car? It's never been clear if my auto insurance "follows the car" or "follows the driver." For instance, if I need him/her to drive me to the airport, and then drive my car back to our apartment, would my insurance policy continue to operate as normal while (s)he is driving the vehicle back from the airport to our apartment? Or would the car suddenly be considered uninsured and any potential damages incurred during their driving it not be covered?


@mustang16, Thank you for taking time out of you day to communicate with USAA. You have a very good question and I'm happy to help. I've documented information in your profile regarding your inquiry about coverage. We are unable to discuss the details in the social channel, however we're happy to go over the information with you by phone. Please call us at your convenience at 800-531-USAA(8722).