Angry and Frustrated USAA Auto Insurance Customer

RLS-Cry 4 help

Typically, I am not the type of individual who would share my experience good or bad within this type of format. However, USAA has given no choice, and this is basically a cry for help!

My 2017 Ford F150 was rear-ended while stopped at a red light on Dec. 1, 2018. The individual who hit me was 100% at fault and had no insurance. I immediately filed a claim and after a couple of days, I was notified that a claims representative, John (last name left out for professionalism), was assigned to represent me. John and I got off to a rocky start very quickly, as there was very little communication relayed to me regarding how to proceed. After my insistence that John call me every other day, I hoped things would get better. To his credit, John followed through with the calls, and my claim was seemingly progressing. Unfortunately, that was short lived! I would soon find out that USAA does not practice the Customer Service qualities they advertise in their commercials and marketing campaigns.

On Dec. 19, 2018 I was notified that my truck was a total loss, and John would no longer be my claims representative, and I was then handed off to Laurie in the Loss Department. To say the least, Laurie has been a total disaster. She has not returned any of my calls/voice mails, and rarely replies to my emails. I have had to spend countless hours requesting documents, and sending documents between USAA, the lien holder and the gap insurance company. USAA did not even inform the Lien holder that my truck was involved in a collision, much less was a total loss, until in informed them. You can imagine the Lien Holders surprise to hear of the accident from me rather than the insurance company covering their vehicle. To make matters worse, my Lien Holder has experienced the same lack of communication from USAA.

Certainly, I can go on and on with more details of failed representation from USAA, but for me the worst issue of all, is that I told USAA several times, that I had to replace my truck ASAP once it was determined a loss, as I have been renting a vehicle, which I have to pay for out of my own pocket because the other party had no insurance. In order replace my truck, USAA needed to provide a copy of the check/draft or provided a letter of guarantee to the Lien Holder. As of today, USAA has not provided the requested information, and I am still without a replacement vehicle.

At this point, I have communicated with exactly 9 different USAA representatives, and still have no resolution to my claim. I have been so desperate for help, that on Jan. 9, I went to the extreme measure of reengaging with John, the original claims rep to try and get some help. John set up a conference call with me, an “escalation manager” and himself, scheduled for 1:00 later that day, I waited for the call for 20 minutes but John never called me. He later email that he was called into a meeting and promised to call me back with a manager on the line. It never happened!

To conclude, today is January 12, 2019, my claim remains unresolved, and I have not been contacted with any updates or replies to emails since Jan. 7. I have been a loyal member of USAA for 5-1/2 years. During that time, I have never been in an accident, never missed a payment, and have placed USAA policies on several vehicles. The fact is, USAA has no customer service, no loyalty to their customers and has not represented me at all through this claim. Will someone help me?


@RL S-Cry 4 help, I apologize for the service you have received with your auto claim.  We never want you to feel this way.  I asked a claims service manager to research your situation further and to follow up with you.  They will be reaching out to you withing one business day.  Thanks ~ Robert.

Leave USAA now!!  They will still have to handle your claim.  You will save money and get better customer service with a different company.  USAA is not the company they once were.  Just read through the posts.  Somehow, someway, the members need to call on the removal of the upper management of USAA as they have run this once proud company into the ground.  Replace upper management now!!

In all seriousness, prepare yourself mentally and financially to be dealing with this for quite a while. Like yourself I’m not one to exchange via forums, but in absence of communication from claims reps it’s about the only option for information. My claim has been pending since 10/19/18. When you get the valuation report, be sure to do your own research or hire an independent appraisal to make sure their offer is fair....not “top dollar” or significantly below comparable vehicles (other than what CCC provides). Good luck!!