LCAC Driver

I had a longstanding insurance policy with your company. My son, moreso, and my wife to a lesser degree, had a bad stretch that led to your company not renewing my policy, citing overall "household" driving record. It was frustrating but understandable. This was over a year ago.


My son joined the Navy and left for boot camp recently, so since a huge part of the "risk factor" from a policy evaluation standpoint had been removed from the household equation, I decide to reapply for insurance with USAA. Much to my dismay, my wife and I were still denied coverage. The rationale, coupled with the double talk and excuses is what blowss me away, combined with the fact that there is seemingly no way to "appeal" a process, to a human being, based on changing circumstances. I do not wish to "appeal", I wish to start anew, with a different set of household parameters.  The following is a sequence of events and statements/excuses/rationale for denial that occurred this yesterday/this morning. 


Firstly, I called yesterday and explained the situation, was walked through an application and given a quote that simply was put on hold pending information that was required for verification: vehicle VINs and wife's DL number. I even received an email of a supposed good quote. Went online this morning to enter/provide the info, after a few keystrokes it was done, and I received a denial, followed by a letter in online account, stating that it was due to my wife's driving record/record of claims. Funny thing is, these were not "new" and occurred before my original termination, yet were not listed on the original termination letter. So I called to speak to Customer Service.


After describing my situation, and CSA reviewed my account, I was told first my son's driving record contributes to the decision as it is still in overall household history, even though he no longer resides in my house. When told this, I responded that this was absurd and irrational policy. I was then told that my wife's record was the driving force, but one of the "new" marks against her in the latest denial letter is a claim for a no fault accident. An accident in which the other person was found to be at fault, and one which USAA should have recovered losses for by this point. I mean, that's one of the major reasons for having insurance, CORRECT??


But for some odd reason, no one could tell me whether they had recovered losses or not, and even more absurd, I am not able to physically speak to someone in underwriting to get their take on the situation. I was told the "system" automatically spits out a decision and if I wanted to dispute, I would have to file a complaint via snail mail to attempt resolution. This is wholly unnacceptable. I spent 20+ years in the Navy, another 12-15 as a USAA customer, have spent at least 40-50,000 dollars in insurance premiums, yet this is how a "valued service member" is treated. There should be some element of human interaction that hre's the rational side of an argument and can override whatever "automatic" decision is rendered by the current system. 


The rational side of the argument would be, my policy was terminated due to (from original letter):

- Two at-fault accidents and associated moving violations by my son, and,

- A speeding ticket by my wife


(From current letter, all of which occurred prior to issue of first letter):

- At-fault accident and associated moving violation

- Speeding ticket (mentioned above)

- Not at-fault collision, no associated moving violation (incident described above)


So, essentially, I am currently being penalized for the actions of someone that no longer lives in my house, and for an accident that occurred by no fault of anyone that lives in my house. I asked for, and was told I could not recieve without a written request, the company's guidelines/policy that goes into these decicions, and I CANNOT SPEAK TO SOMEONE THAT CAN OVERRIDE AN OBVIOUSLY FAULTY SYSTEM, simply because, as I am now told, that the original decision to terminate is beyond the appeal timeframe, and underwriting "is an internal department that doesn't field calls". Problem is, I had no leg to stand on when I could appeal, as my son still lived in the house, and the "no fault" accident wasn't listed as a reason for am I suppoded to appeal something that didn't exist?? How can I not now reapply if the household living situation is not the same as it was then? There seems to be a lot of contradictory and possibly discriminatory policy making going on here. And to top it off, I have recieved reasonable rate quotes from several other companies today, based on my current situation. The decisions made are lunacy. 


Why I am still pursuing this then? Because I am extremely angry at what I feel is an extremely unjust situation and I want it rectified. Based on accurate information that I both gave, and the CSA had access to in your system yesterday, I was given a reasonable quote, so that tells me that part of your system thinks the risk is now mitigated enough to issue a policy, AT AN AFFORDABLE RATE. The other half, however, simply says, "this man's family has cost us money, he is SOL"...regardless of the thousands of dollars I have paid in premiums over the years. It is unacceptable and if I do not get satisfaction, I will seek other resources to help me recover that which is lost, my dignity among those things. It may seem like I'm going overboard here, but I see it completely differently.




@LCAC Driver, thanks for reaching out in Community. I can understand your frustration with the outcome of your auto quote. I can confirm your situation has been escalated for further review so that we may have the opportunity to address your concerns. Once reviewed someone will reach out to you directly. Thank you. -Cynthia