I'm looking to add a new driver (16 year old daughter) to our policy and was shocked at the price increase.  I certainly understand the significant additional risk of new drivers but the ploicy more than doubled with an increase of $323 PER MONTH.  That is with Driver's Ed and Good Student discount AND there is no new vehicle being added; she is just an additional/secondary driver to one of our existing vehicles.  This didn't seem realistic.  Does USAA have a service where they can walk through some on the logic.  i.e.- by adding my daughter, the premium increase for collision on my vehicle (that she will never drive) was $500 while the increase on my wife's car (that she would drive periodically) was a $14 increase.  There was even an increase in the Uninsured Motorist which has nothing to do with who was driving our auto?!

For comparison, I got a full, detailed quote (including VIN's and DL #s) from another insurer and the increase was only $200 per month with the EXACT same coverage.  This increase is about what I was expecting from USAA by adding her as a new driver.  I'm looking for a reason to stay with USAA but really can't really find one. 


@TampaD, I can certainly understand your concerns with the premium increase when adding your daughter to the new policy. We're happy to review your policy with you and address all of your concerns. Please give us a call at 800-531-8722 or you can initiate a chat online by selecting your auto policy from your accounts page and clicking "Contact/Ask USAA" on the top right-hand corner. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you. Thank you! -Cynthia