I'm a little frustrated with Accident Forgiveness, or lack thereof in NC...


This used to be a coverage option when I lived in GA, meaning I could pay an additional dollar or two each month and have accident forgiveness on my policy.  I didn't see it when I moved to NC, but this page,, suggests that it's included with any USAA insurance policy and that you only have to pay for it in some states.


Well, I got into an accident last evening, and after filing a claim I talked to policy services, who informed me that the marketing is deceptive and that there is no accident forgiveness in NC as well as a few other states.


I'm wondering if anyone here has noticed significant premium increases in NC after a collision?




@traumkommode, I can see why your frustrated. To best address your concerns I'm forwarding your information and post to our Subject Matter Experts for additional review and handling. Thank you for taking time out of your day to communicate with USAA. ~ Shane