My husband, Alec, had a minor fender bender in September of last year. It was his first accident since being with USAA, so we were able to apply accident forgiveness (and we are sure that we did, we spoke with a rep at the time to confirm it).

WELL. It is now February of 2017 and our monthly insurance bill jumped NEARLY ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. I called USAA and spoke to someone who told me it was because of Alec's fender bender last year. I can't understand 1.) Why we are having to pay for this since we applied accident forgiveness? And 2.) Why is it just NOW coming up in our bill?! The rep couldn't really give me any answers and I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this or if someone else can explain this?!


Hi Hurricane Sarahh, thank you for taking the time to post today. While we are unable to post your personal account information through this forum, I have sent you a secure message that can be reviewed under My Alerts & Actions. If you have further questions, please feel free to respond to my message. Thank you! -Marisa

Unfortunately there are no helpful replies from USAA representatives on what the resolution was to these claims that "accident forgiveness" was not applied tot he premium, and that premiums were in fact increasing.  I would really like to know the answer to this concern raised by several longstanding USAA members.  Thank you.

DDD77, in this member forum you will not see the details or the resolution as this is handled on a secure channel due to the privacy of the account. I will be glad to review your account details to include your questions via a PM.

Apparently I do not know what accident forgivness insurance is.  After my accident in september, at my renewal in february my premium went up.  In April I was notified that my umbrella coverage also went up because of the accident. How many times can I be punished for this accident?  Why am I paying for accident forgiveness if nothing is forgiven?  Does this have anything to do with an accident my son had before he was removed from our policy and got a policy of his own with USAA? At what point is the slate wiped clean with accident forgiveness.  I'm still carrying it on my policy although, obviously, I cannot take advantage of it since I have now had an accident.  Please explain!!

Seraphineraineau, I'm sorry to hear how disappointed you are and I want to make sure your concerns are addressed. I'm engaging my colleague to review your information and reach out to you. Thank you. -Paula

Did you ever figure out why your premium increased, even after the "accident forgiveness"?? We are going through the exact same thing, a minor finder bender and our rates went up drastically even though I was paying for accident forgiveness.... Might as well of just not reported anything and paid out of pocket, would have been way cheaper in the long run that way. I don't understand the point in paying for insurance and then getting punished when you have to use it. It's like wearing a safety harness in the tree stand, it catches me when I fall but then someone comes along and beats me to death like a pinata while I'm hanging there - might as not wear the harness and skip the beating.

Brofessor, I'm sorry to learn that you were involved in a fender bender. I understand that your auto insurance premiums have increased, and I'd like to get some answers for you. Therefore, I'm engaging a specialist on our insurance team. Please allow some time for the specialist to review the situation. We will conduct a follow up with you during regular business hours. ~Darcy

Did they ever give a clear reason to you? I am considering getting rid of my Accident Forgiveness policy. It can help really save me a lot of money if this whole thing is a sham.

Same happened to me. I had accident forgiveness and my premium went up after I had an accident. I've called so many times to resolve and it never gets resolved.