About to cancel my 26+ year auto insurance policy to access my subscriber savings account unless another option is available.

I called a few months ago to find out how to access the $4,000+ I have in my Subscriber's Savings Account.  I was told that it is only accessible after all insurance is cancelled with USAA.  I waited for this year's distribution, which I received yesterday.  That having been completed, I have secured rates from another car insurance company.  I intend to cancel my insurance and wait the 6 months to request my $4,000+ from my SSA.  Once I have finally received that (having been told it takes months) I intend, if I am convinced USAA is still superior insurance to what I intend to switch to, to come back to USAA for car insurance.  I am deeply disappointed that I have to take such drastic action just to access funds allocated to me.  Having had USAA auto insurance for 26+ years I would like to continue the relationship.  But since the guidelines that were given to me by USAA employees stated I can only have access to the funds after a 6 month delay after cancelling USAA auto insurance, so be it.  I intend to do that.  If there is any other way to do this, please let me know immediately.  Otherwise I'll just cancel, and begin the clock.  Thank you.


Hi @kukgrol, I appreciate you reaching out. In order to best serve you for this specific request, please connect with the USAA team via chat on USAA.com or on our mobile app. Thank you for your membership and we look forward to hearing from you. -Paula