After 20 years of banking with USAA and providing them with virtually all of my business, I actually needed to utilize their services for a mortgage loan mid last year. After the most horrifying expericence of customer service during my life, it forced me to reevaluate my relationship with USAA. I sent the insurance pages on my homeowners and auto insurance to State Farm, Allstate, Farmers, and Nationwide for quotes. What I found out was shocking. First and foremost all of the other carriers pricing was much lower than USAA. This made me wonder if something was fishy about the quotes, so I contacted USAA with an Allstate agent on the line and USAA stated a couple of things that made me move all of my insurance: First they wanted a chance to drop the cost a little for the same insurance, which makes a person wonder why they are not giving me a great price after 20 years of business. The final straw is when they tell you that they are not the carrier but just a reseller, which may not be as competitive as an actual carrier.

If you are looking to keep your money in your pocket do not just give all your business to USAA like I did without checking the competition. I have lost thousands and thousands of dollars by just believing that they were treating me fair. !!!BUYER BEWARE!!!



Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us in Community. We sincerely regret after 20 years of membership we are no longer your provider of choice for your insurance. We value your membership and years of loyalty and would like the opportunity to address your concerns and gather additional details. I have engaged a specialist to reach out to you to discuss further. Thank you again for your post. 

I have the same feeling. The product does not appear to be competative. 


USAA ? Give me a call please.

Hello @U.S.A.A. Joe, please know we're constantly reviewing rates and when we're able to, we lower them. You can review your policy any time online for possible savings. We recommend reviewing possible discounts, annual mileage, and also coverage selections. You can save any quotes or submit your desired changes. We're also happy to review your policy together. We're unable to make an outbound call in this channel; however, you can reach us by phone at 800-531-8722 to review your account details. I appreciate your time. -Lori

Clark Howard http://www.clarkhoward.com/ talks about this all the time.


Basically what is happening is that insurers are counting on their loyal customers NOT SHOPPING AROUND.


Instead of rewarding loyalty----loyalty is being taken advantage of and even punished.


So far, I have to say that USAA consistently comes in lowest for all of my insurance needs, so I have no room to complain. But, it is safe to say, always shop insurance quotes EVERY TWO YEARS.


There are many different factors playing into underwriter costs-premiums. Insurers are looking at credit scores as well as driving history and other factors.

I have only been with USAA for almost 1 year and they have progressivly increased my policy. I moved once and now I am paying what I paid with Statefarm. I left Statefarm because they offered be $60 less so of course I switched but now its the same price which is making me reevaluate doing business with them.

Hello @James.Pease we are more than happy to conduct an insurance review to make sure you have all the savings and discounts we have to offer. Please send us a private message and we will be happy to help. - Ralph 

I've been with usaa for maybe 8 years or so. I admit I have had tickets in that time frame (maybe 3 or 4). Either way I have stuck with their insurance paying 900 for full coverage. After getting my second vehicle I looked for coverage elsewhere and found another company that's 400 cheaper! I thinks that it's insane that I can find any coverage that's that much cheaper!! I'm a loyal customer of usaa and I feel I've been ripped off for years!

Thanks for posting to our Community, Simp8387. I'm sorry to hear that you feel this way. This certainly isn't the way we want our members to feel. I've sent a request to a colleague to look into this for you and reach out. Please allow sufficient time for research. - Cathleen

Not only is auto insurance expensive, but so it the homeowners. I have been a USAA customer forever and a day.... Never filed a homeowners quote. No adverse history or conditions. They valued my rebuild cost for my new to me house at more than 2x the loan value and more than doubled the quotes from Statefarm and ProgXXXXXX. In the end, I'm breaking up with you, USAA. You just don't have my best interests at heart.


By going with another company, I am saving 1800/yr in Homeowners and 300/6 months on my auto policy. I'll save 2400/yr or 200/month by taking off my USAA loyalty blinders. Makes me wonder what I was thinking all those years?


USAA did offer up the ability to bring my insurance down a little by raising my deductible to 5k for homeowners... NO THANKS.