I have been a USAA member for over 40 years and I feel like I have lost a near and dear friend - USAA. 


My car has been designated as a Total Loss and the value that USAA's third party valuator has assigned is an insult to anyone who knows anything about automobiles.  My car was in immaculate condition with low mileage and was equiped with an optional package known as the "X" version of the Laredo - the valuator failed to notice this.  This package was a $4000 cost.  On top of that the valuator missed the fact that there were additional options to the "X" package - did anyone even go and look at the car??? 


Why do I get the feeling that USAA has totally abandoned the principles upon which they were established.  I have read numerous complaints on the community pages that express the same sense of loss....


In the past 40 years I have had numerous claims.  I always had the chance to talk to someone who seemed to value my satisfaction on how I was treated and renumerated for my loss.  Now, I feel like a number to be dealt with expeditiously, profitably and with very little human contact.  I will look forward to how this rant is dealt with - I am not happy.  






We don't want to lose you and want to see what we can do to build back that trust! I know that this unfortunate incident and having to file a claim is not something you wished to have had to do; however, if you would please allow the opportunity to review, we will be reaching out to you shortly. Thank you, Josh. 

Yeah I know how you feel. I was treated the same exact way. I thought they were supposed to look out for the military.

Leo18 - This is not what we like to hear. I will engage a specialist to review your situation. Please know our team is not available until tomorrow, however. Thanks for speaking up. - Jason

trishamae, it is never our intent to let our members down. I understand you've contacted us in the past regarding your concerns and the outcome has not been what you wanted. Your concerns are important to us and will be shared with our team in an effort to improve our services. Thank you. - Rhonda

Ha... good luck... they lost my 12 years of loyal membership as a insurance customer... I went to GEICO. After a wreck that was not my fault with very little help from them and then their rates skyrocketing when we transferred to San Antonio... I had enough of them... oh... and then they made us pay them "back pay" that they "prorated" for the 6 month premium that I started a month after deciding not go with them, even though at first the first rep told me I was going to get a $114 refund.... they r not "there" for the military.... I am in the process of moving all my accounts out of this bank ASAP

trishamae, we appreciate you taking the time to share your recent experiences with us. I regret to hear we've not met your needs regarding insurance services. We'd hate to lose your membership and will follow up with you regarding your banking services as soon as possible. Thank you. - Rhonda

We have already gone over this whole ordeal numerous times with multiple representatives and it is exhausting... every representative says a different thing and I really don't have time for it anymore. I wasted enough time and breath on your representatives and have already threw out all paperwork from last year to even remember all the details that involves this matter. Not worth my time and stress anymore. Thanks for trying to look good for all the public eye.

I agree I have called and tried to request a refund on my total loss protection since i sold the car and the representive said fill out the paper work online, I said were is it and all I got was online. I was about to finance another car and spend almost 50,000 but another company got my business since USAA seems ot not want the military business anymore. 

@SMITH1623, I'm sorry to hear you went with another lender for your auto loan needs. I can assure you we want to be here to serve our members and provide them with the services and products they need. I regret if your recent contacts with USAA have left you disappointed. I understand you no longer have your vehicle and expected a refund on your Total Loss Protection. I regret a proper explanation was not provided in regards to the possibility of a refund. A full refund for the product is only available if canceled within 60 days of the date of the plan agreement. After 60 days a refund cannot be processed. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you. - Rhonda