50 years ... Wow. There was a time when USAA would send me a card with a car sticker and thanks for 10 years, 25 years and even 40 years .... but no more. There was even a time when they answered the phone and said 'Good morning Major' ... but no more. There was a time when there insurance rates were competitive ... but no more. And ther was a time if I wrote the President and asked 'why have you forgotten our 50 years together'? ... but no more.

They were once a great company .... but .....

Maj. Mike


Thank you for your loyalty and 50 years of membership Major Mike! I definitely understand receiving recognition for your long-time membership and trust is important. I've requested bumper stickers in recognition of your 50 years with USAA to be mailed to your primary address on file. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. In addition, I can see how rate increases are disappointing and I'm reaching out to a representative from this area to help with your premium concerns. I appreciate your post. -Paula 

Welcome to the USAA run by Stuart Parker.  He should resign due to what he has done to a once great company.  But it appears that all he cares about is that massive salary I'm sure he receives.  He certainly doesn't care about USAA. 

Totally true. My family has been in USAA since the fifties, me since the seventies. I no longer get upset about USAA and the decline in service.


I just no longer recommend them and have moved most of my money accounts elsewhere.