Today is 4 Dec 2018...when will D2018 Subscriber Dividend checks be issued out and for what amount?


Hello @MSGLeatherneck, members will begin to get notification of the distribution on December 6th. I hope you have a great afternoon. -Lori

How do you check online to see your personal Subscriber Account? 

Hi @Crayhall, we send a Subscriber's Account annual statement each year in February. The statement will include the most current up-to-date information available. To retrieve the document from our website, please have your spouse log into his account. Then select My Tools from the top of your Accounts Summary page. Next, select the View Documents option. Thank you for your membership with USAA. -Lori

Hello I am inquiring about the dividends that I did not receive for the year of 2014 when my certificate of deposit account matured the only thing I received was what I put into the certificate of deposit account which was $2,000.

Hello @TIGHTDADDY, in order to best assist you please call us at 800-531-8722 so we can review this more for you. Thanks! -Colleen

I called the number and spoke with the agent and she did not find my account she claimed that there were no records of any certificate of deposit account.

@TIGHTDADDY, thank you for confirming. In order to access your documents to research further, we would need to speak with you again over the phone at 1-800-531-8722, or you can contact us via live chat through I'll place a note on your profile of what exactly we're looking for, so the next representative you reach can assist you best. I apologize for any inconvenience. Thanks! ~Holland

I called the number again and still the answer that I am getting about the certificate of deposit account is not correct I am supposed to receive a lump sum of money after the eqasion for the certificate of deposit account was compute that's where the problem is at the computeing of the certificate of deposit account has not happened yet.

@TIGHTDADDY, I understand you have called in regards to a previous Certificate of Deposit and also your Dividends from 2014, and the information you received was not correct. I will engage a subject matter expert to review this matter further. Thank you for the opportunity to address your concerns and your patience during the review process. ~ Lori