Today marks the first time in over 30 years that USAA has increased the premiums on my auto insurance for no fault of my own. I talked with the insurance adviser and was told that there have been numerous increases in the state of Colorado over the past few months, probably due to substantial hail damage claims and medical costs last year.  Same thing in Texas with all the flooding last year.  I also read comments by many others complaining about the increases in other states as well. With companies in the US making record profits and on top of that receiving a huge tax windfall, I find this increase to be a slap in the face to the customer.  This is the first time in many years that I will be looking for a more competitive insurance company. 


We have been a member only 6 years and have lived in different states due to pcsing and our rates have gone up ever 6 months for auto and yearly for either renters or homewoners.  They use to be cheap, but this years rate increase has me shopping around too. Crazy how I can get cheaper rates else where for the same covergage that usaa offers. I also have every discount that they currently offer as well and the rates are still high. Crazy!

My 6 month premiums has recently from $430 to over $1,100. Just curious how much was the increase that you experience?

Kingfisher & Baylee2318, sorry to hear that this is the first time in many years that you will be shopping around for more competitive insurance companies.  We understand that our members are on budgets, we are here to review your insurance policies and compare your policy to the other competitor quotes.   Thank you for your feedback and experience and will forward to the appropriate team for you.   We truly value both your memberships. ~ MQ

If I can the same rates as what other places are currently offering I would be happy to stay with usaa. I've had good service with usaa and really hate the idea of having to look else where. But in these trying times, with everything going up in cost it forces us to have to look else for cheaper rates and deals. 

How is it that USAA can justify rate increases on its members by telling us it because of large payouts from catastrophes but yet give their employees large bonuses. This company is member owned and although we get some small check back at the end of the year it does not offset the rated increase. Time to get new board of directors who will take care of members the way they take care of their employees.

@Standup, Everything begins and ends with our mission - to facilitate the financial security of our members and their families. When USAA performs well, our members, employees and communities benefit. We manage our business for the long term and for the benefit of our membership. The benefits we offer help us recruit and retain the best employees -- which benefits our members through best-in-class service and financial security. I am happy to review your policy and look for ways to reduce your premium if possible. I truly value and appreciate your time. ~ Shane

I have not received any check from USAA. Every member gets a check? If so, they have some explaining to do.

You are spot on.  If you really want to see how they have lost touch just google usaa board members and see who they are, how they get nominated and most frustrating how much they get paid.  USAA went from serving the members to serving themselves.  In our area near Scott AFB they are number 5 as an insurance agency!  Losing members at a rapid pace.

You guys wont do anything about it but you have started your downfall usaa I hope to open as many vets and service members eyes to the scam you guys are running and get em yo an honest company that wont take advantage of us