Has the Board met yet about 2018 Dividends? I heard there was supposed to be news on the matter. When will they be releasing any info?


Hello @Preston14. Thank you for bringing your inquiry to the USAA Community. Beginning December 6, eligible members will receive notifications regarding dividends and/or distributions. Remember that dividends and distributions are based on the approval of a Board of Directors decision and are not guaranteed. Please, keep an eye out for email notifications as well as your online documents folder for further information. Thank you for your membership and patience. ~ Steven

What makes you eligible?

Good question, @Smartypants7217 - I've sent a request to my insurance colleagues to address this for you. Please know they aren't yet in the office, but will have the request as soon as they arrive. - Cathleen

@Smartypants7217, I was able to respond to your dividend inquiry via private message. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you and thank you for being a member. Have a great week. ~ Shane

Why not share this information with the community?  Who is eligible to receive the dividend?  RCD

Im also interested in recieving information about qualifying for this years dividends

Glad to help @RollRide94, to answer your questions we will need to proceed over the phone. To reach a representative please call 1-800-531-8722 (USAA) or #8722 (USAA) from a cell phone.  ~ Joseph

Hello, what is the eligibility for dividends please

Hey @Queeniee, I was able to locate your profile and will share your inquiry with a subject matter expert as well. Thank you. -Emily