2016 - 2017 auto insurance rates continue to increase

40yr member

I have been a USAA member for 40 years. I have 3 cars, 2 motorcycles, and 2 houses insured with USAA.  This insurance company is no longer the great company it was when I joined 40 years ago or even 20 years ago.  In the past 10 years I have not had a vehicle at fault claim.   Yet, over the past year I have seen my vehicle rates increase twice a total of $300.  A letter was written to the CEO Stuart Parker about the rate increase who never responded back.  A complaint was filed with my states insurance department regulation agency.  A lady from USAA called to talk with me.  I requested her permission to record the conversation, she declined to have it recorded and I ended the conversation.  Don’t be fooled fellow USAA members, USAA now is just like all the other big insurance companies.  To make money for their slick football TV ads they continue to raise member rates.   It used to be as your car got older the rates would drop, now you will never see a decline in your insurance rates unless you cut your coverage or change to another insurer.    Does anyone know of a good customer service oriented company who does really care about their members?


It is unfortunate that you feel this way, and we do sincerely admire and respect your tenure with USAA.  I will engage a business specialist from the appropriate area to review your concerns and reach out to you.  Thank you for your time in posting today.  -  Justin

I have been a USAA customer since 1997 and would not have ever considered insuring from anywhere else until I did tried to insure my Harley. First, I had to go to a second party insurer because USAA does not insure motorcycles. Second, the insurer was way too expensive and third, when I found a reasonable price I decided to compare policies and found out that I could get double the coverage for half of what USAA cost. I switched immediately. When I called USAA to tell them I was covered for only half of what I could be and told them to cancel my policies (car, home), not once did they do anything to try and keep my business.

USAFMSgt88-08 This is unfortunate to read about. I want you to know that we truly do value your membership. I'm sorry to hear that we lost your business in regards to all of your insurance needs. We would love you to provide any feedback that you can with this link so that we can constantly strive to improve for you: http://bit.ly/1IZlAOz.

Same experience.....My auto policy just increased $350 a year starting in July 2017. When I called and asked why, I got some vague response about tornado's in Wichita to floods in MS. I told em to canx all of my policies. Car, home owners, checking savings, etc. Moving my business to someone who cares. I've found my local credit union is very receptive to my business.

Best of luck!


PS...Same experience with my Harley too! I didn't know I was being raked so hard over the coals 

Raising rates on members without reason is why my father left USAA about 5 years ago.  He was a member well over 30 years.  They raised his homeowners rates without notice and without a reason.  He finally got it out of them that they had a taken a beating on Katrina losses and they were raising rates to offset it.  I have my motorcycle insurance through Geico since USAA won't ensure my motorcycles.  Their "deal" with Pro*gressive to cover them is a joke.  I get cheaper rates through Geico with no "deal".  Payments to my USAA credit card take days to complete when other banks can apply their payments instantly.


Been a member since 1989 on my father's policy and a member on my own policy since 1995.  I have a clean driving record and no claims besides glass in probably the last 6 years.  With all of the stories I've read and heard I wouldn't recommend USAA to anyone in the future.  


This company was started to provide military members with insurance when insurance companies didn't want to provide service to us "high risk" service members.  They have lost their way.  They continue to contact my father to get him to come back to USAA, but what the company doesn't realize is when you devalue your longstanding members, they will have no desire to return.  AT&T tries harder to get my internet buisiness and I was only with them for a year.  The difference here is AT&T didn't make me upset with their customer service, I just wanted a faster speed.  At this point I am shopping for new insurance.  If USAA can't be loyal to it's members anymore, why should I be loyal to them?

Nitzer, I appreciate the opportunity to address your questions and concerns. I attempted to contact you but ended up leaving you a voicemail. In addition to the phone call I have also emailed you. Please review the email and contact us at your convenience with any questions or concerns you might have. Your membership is highly value and greatly appreciated and the last thing we want is to lose a member. Thank you! - Shane

We are in Maryland. We paid auto insurance every 6 months. Our insurance raising in June 2016 from $969 to $1070 and will be $1,231.00 in June 2017. It is $261.00/6months difference in 12 months period and $520/year for the same policy and driving records (about 27% increase in 12 months).

Is it legal in Maryland, VA? If yes, I would like to known the appoved salary and how they could support this bills?

It's interesting that so many are commenting on the increase in rates. I thought I was the only one. I recently purchased a new car. An expensive car which means expensive insurance. I was not prepared for the quote I got from USAA! I was sure it was a mistake, but I confirmed it. I shopped around and was shocked to find that Geico would charge me less to insure both of my vehicles than USAA wanted for just the new car. Same coverage. I  have been a USAA customer since 1983 but I have to agree that it's not the same company it used to be. 


I found this thread while researching a toll free number that keeps calling me about life insurance. Yep, USAA's contractor.

I sincerely appreciate you sharing your experience of the premium quote you received for adding your new car JAS1.  It is certainly disheartening to learn of you shopping around for your insurance needs, especially with your long tenure ship as our member.  The last thing that we would want is to lose any of your business.  I would be glad to review your coverage with you on this and provide you with a recent quote.  Please advise if there is anything we can do as we would love the opportunity to assist you.  Thank you for your time, and for your membership with USAA.  -  Justin