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After I retired from the military, I had to answer a basic question: What next?

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By virtue of its name, I knew the Marine Corps Marathon would be different from other races I’d run. I also knew it would be different because it would take me by some of the most iconic landmarks symbolizing American freedom. I just didn’t know how different it would be.

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As we continue to listen to your needs and find innovative solutions to improve your overall experience, the digital journey for USAA Investments continues to evolve.

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The significance of the Army-Navy game is drilled into every cadet from the moment you arrive at the academy. Even the milk cartons in the cadet mess hall say “Go Army, Beat Navy.” As a player, I focused on the actual game between the white lines. But when I came back last year as a veteran and a USAA employee, I realized that this is much more than a game.

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A new financial center for military members and a major donation mark USAA’s entrance into the El Paso community.

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